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Mood Swings

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mood swing is an extreme or rapid change in Mood (psychology)...
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Common Mood Swings treatments discussed around the web
Clomid 10,999 Lamictal 4,206 Zoloft 3,563
396,389 conversations around the web about Mood Swings to help you make a decision
396,389 conversations around the web about Mood Swings to help you make a decision
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Mood Swings & Post Concussion Syndrome

0.92% of the posts that mention Post Concussion Syndrome also mention Mood Swings (27 posts)
Post Concussion Syndrome
Mood Swings
We found 27 discussions
" ...saw a Neurologist and diagnosed me with PCS(post concussion syndrome) and my symptoms are ,mood swings,nausia,dizziness,vertigo,short term memory loss,eye teaming problems,sensitive... "

" month ago and experienced trouble concentrating, mood swings, woozy etc. I decided to said I had post-concussion syndrome which is quite nor... "

" find this community. I have been suffering from post concussion syndrome since Dec./06 and am getting the hard push from ...sleep properly, and I have wild mood swings. A bad day starts wit... "

" ...Post Concussion Syndrome Good Afternoon. My daughter had a bipolar disorder and was ...functioning. Her mood swings are more erratic, the depression is deeper and she is very irritable. She... "

" post concussion syndrome is terrible of the ...mri, saw one neuorologist, and 2 neuropsychologists. still kinda get the headaches and mood swings but ive said f*ck it by now and gone bac... "

" concussion syndrome. Headaches, mood swings, difficulty in getting ...I suffered from Post concussion syndrome last summer and ...headaches, aggression problems, mood swings, lack of lib... "

" hospital an suffer from post concussion syndrome., memory loss.,mood swings nausea, concnetration, headaches, emotional etc.... "

" I have post concussion syndrome and I'm also an Athletic COMPLETELY normal...well for concussions. If you are having mood swings that is normal for major concussions or minor but... "

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" ...accident which caused a pretty bad concussion and subsequent post-concussion syndrome. I dealt with the headaches and dizziness for a while but the mood swings and inability to think really... "

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" Post concussion syndrome Does anyone out there know anything about Post concussion syndrome--i.e. vision problems, short term memory ...under eyes, drooping eyelids, mood swings (just to name a... "

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