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Modified Radical Mastectomy + Physiotherapy

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Ask a question
20 conversations around the web about Modified Radical Mastectomy + Physiotherapy to help you make a decision
20 conversations around the web about Modified Radical Mastectomy + Physiotherapy to help you make a decision
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Modified Radical Mastectomy & Physiotherapy

We found 20 discussions
" My modified radical mastectomy was at the start of finding the same experience. Physical therapy with a therapist who combines... "

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" I had a right modified radical mastectomy also lost 15 lymph nodes. I also had trouble ...side. I ended up at physical therapy who also was a lymphedema... "

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" ...have bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome, bilateral plantars fasciitis, chronic shoulder pain (modified radical mastectomy 1991) right knee pain ...due to these problems. Physical therapy only made... "

" ...they did a modified radical mastectomy on 6/6. The path. report showed another area of infiltrating ductual carcinoma...small area but clear ...sent me for physical therapy's basically ma... "

" Mary Lynn, I had a modified radical mastectomy with SNB of my right ...mastectomy on the healthy side. I am currently undergoing physical therapy to help my back, neck and shoulders issues from... "

" ...MRI magnetic resonance imaging MRM modified radical mastectomy MS multiple sclerosis, morphine sulfate ...Health M.P.T. Master of Physical Therapy M.S. Master of Science... "

" ...may be found buried in a physical therapy journal somewhere. I wish you'd when you find out any information. I had a modified radical mastectomy and have lost a great deal of the use... "

" ...I had a bilateral modified radical mastectomy with SNB in 9/08 ...past month I was diagnosed with lymphedema. It's been 20 months! I went to physical therapy but really nothing has changed.... "

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" ...intense combos of chemos.....10 rounds total...and modified radical mastectomy....for almost a year my chest ...neurontin and have myofascial release physical has helped most.....b... "

" ...My incision area (from modified radical mastectomy) still gets pain more ...under my arm. I'm guessing that is lymphedema. I saw my PCP today and he's ordering more physical therapy for me and... "

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