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(Abortion spontaneous)
Miscarriage or spontaneous abortion is the spontaneous end of a pregnancy at a stage where the embryo or fetus is incapable of s...
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Common Miscarriage treatments discussed around the web
Clomid 61,778 Aspirin 17,113 Baby Aspirin 12,352
2,030,236 conversations around the web about Miscarriage to help you make a decision
2,030,236 conversations around the web about Miscarriage to help you make a decision
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Miscarriage & Castor Oil

We found 223 discussions
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" ...but know you can drink castor oil to make your bowel spasm/contract which in turn causes ...these during pregnancy and it'll trigger miscarriage or early labour. Anyone had... "

" Interesting..... I too have a history of miscarriage, so i'm already on high alert (and not even ...induce labor. (didn't work but a few shots of castor oil had my son born 6 hours... "

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" ...cancer. It had progressed from severe cervical dysplasia. I did a ...vaginal suppositories, intestinal formula, castor oil packets and female formula. ...will most likely miscarry after hav... "

" Waiting to miscarry naturally The long and short ...long will this take? I've been cramping pretty good but no ...methods work, like EPO or castor oil work? Thanks... "

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" ...I drunk a lot of castor oil. Damn near the whole bottle ...Two of my friends took castor oil when they were pregnant during and then but I haven't miscarried. So now im thinking... "

" ...uterus (which is why taking castor oil when overdue often works). But ...- it wont cause a miscarriage, nor will constipation. Sadly, miscarriages ...Even doctors and midwives have miscarriag... "

" Hi sunlight Sorry about your miscarriage. But then it shows that ...Did fertility cleanse, fertility self-massage, castor oil therapy, acupuncture. And of course... "

Post from
" history of miscarriage. ...what, if anything, you guys have done or will do to help facilitate labor and delivery that aren't the standard old wives tales like castor oil, sex and... "

Post from
" ...on the shot, you get a period about every three months. ...bleed a little but thats about it. About the castor oil, it can cause a miscarriage, I know that for a fact. When i was... "

" ...August and I have had 2 other m/c before. I feel very pregnant ...we did different this time: castor oil packs (you lay down for ...a flannel cloth soaked in castor oil with a heating pad o... "

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