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(Abortion spontaneous)
Miscarriage or spontaneous abortion is the spontaneous end of a pregnancy at a stage where the embryo or fetus is incapable of s...
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Common Miscarriage treatments discussed around the web
Clomid 61,840 Aspirin 17,128 Baby Aspirin 12,373
2,033,197 conversations around the web about Miscarriage to help you make a decision
2,033,197 conversations around the web about Miscarriage to help you make a decision
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Miscarriage & Castor Oil

We found 223 discussions
" ...really caution against using castor oil. It can bring on cause you to have a miscarriage... "

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" ...for your loss. I had a missed m/c earlier this year. Fetal demise ...and on her recommendation used castor oil packages on the abdomen. I ... "

" ...after ovulation. I have a history of miscarriage and I am now TTC again and would like to use the castor oil if it could... "

" I had a miscarriage and periods were all over balance. Also recommend a castor oil pack! I had clots and this seemed to... "

" ...months after I was cleared after my miscarriage. I had an ectopic pregnancy last year. Hoping third times the charm. I've been on Wobenzym N and doin castor oil packs. It's crazy how it's... "

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" ...massages after the Castor Oil Kit! I started ...but I had a miscarr... "

" ...I specifically pointed out the castor oil treatment advocated by one poster ...dangerous. Just to clarify; was castor oil involved in your miscarriage in any way? i do... "

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" ...improve my fertility? I've tried fertility massage, reflexology, and castor oil heat packs. Anything else? P.S. I have had one ...full term pregnancy, but had a miscarriage 6 months... "

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" Hugs, mama. I had a m/c at 14w6d, with fetal demise ...few days given that I had been spotting already since 13w0d. I ...from my naturopath, and used castor oil externally (drizzle on a cloth... "

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" Miscarriage help I am hoping that ...the right direction. I recently miscarried (at about 8weeks). It has ...I can avoid interventions? Would castor oil help? Thank you for your... "

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