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Other names: Levonorgestrel, Plan B
Method of use: IUD
Prescribing mode: Rx
IUD with progestogen, intrauterine system (IUS), or IntraUterine Contraceptive (IUC) is a long-acting reversible contracep...
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Mirena for Menstrual Period
198,469 conversations around the web about Mirena to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Mirena and compared it to other Menstrual Period medications
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Mirena cause Pelvic Pressure ?

#289 in Mirena discussions - 18 posts discuss Pelvic Pressure with Mirena. Pelvic Pressure is #289 concern in Mirena discussions.
We found 18 discussions
" ...decided to get off my Mirena, because it was ...back pain, and the pressure in my pelvic region.. I also had a feeling? I feel alot of pressure in my Pelvic region,,.. and yea, interna... "

" ...been having alot of constant pelvic discomfort and also pain with sex. ive had my mirena since february i... "

" ...appointment. I have multiple and a large fibroid. Had a Mirena IUD removed in October. Had not experienced the heavy bleeding (yet) but have constant bladder and pelvic pressure. I am 47... "

" ...because Mirena can cause you not to have periods and I didn't want to be buying stock in pregnancy tests every month I didn't have a period. ...some really low pelvic pressure that feel similar ... "

" ...a combo bc pill. after #2 came along, and it took us so long to conceive with her, we are trying the mirena. i've had it in for ...months, i've been having a lot of pelvic pressure and some pain... "

" ...Cystic acne, lower back pain, pelvic pressure, better at night, feb ...23rd post: I had my Mirena IUD removed on March ...was relieved immediately. The pelvic pressure/bloating I had been ... "

" ...half days, uterus, mistake, pelvic pressure I just got home after being in the hospital for two and a half days to Endometritis(infection in my uterus) caused by you guessed it...Mirena! I was so... "

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" Pelvic discomfort anyone? Does anyone ever get ...around the small of my back sometimes the pain/ discomfort goes down my ...Could it be from the mirena as I was at the... "

" On Mirena IUD, have delayed periods, brown sticky discharge on wiping, pelvic pressure and pain. What could this be? I have the mirena Iud for about 3 months ...days late for my period, and have on... "

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" ...since 10/2006 shortly after the birth of my youngest and have had no problems except a little acne around my menstrual cycle and lighter periods. This past August I noticed pelvic \"discomfort\".... "

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