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Other names: Levonorgestrel, Plan B
Method of use: IUD
Prescribing mode: Rx
IUD with progestogen, intrauterine system (IUS), or IntraUterine Contraceptive (IUC) is a long-acting reversible contracep...
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Mirena for Menstrual Period
199,514 conversations around the web about Mirena to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Mirena and compared it to other Menstrual Period medications
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9 / 10
Based on medical discussions around the web

Mirena & Cervical Cancer

181 discussions around the web mention both
Cervical Cancer
We found 181 discussions
" ...its not the hormones from mirena that cause hpv or cervical cancer... its the string. the string HPV and maybe cervical cancer. do your research... ive today, about the mirena. ... "

" I started researching the Mirena IUD. At first, it sounded great, then I ...really hope you don't have cervical cancer. I had pre-cancerous cells frozen off my cervix 10 years ago. It caus... "

" ...alright. I had a huge mirena scare when I went in for my cervical cancer follow-up. My doctor lifts her ...around' down south!!! she says, \"Your MIRENA has mostly expelled itself\" and... "

" ...mirena, the side effects only took about 4 days - aside from about a two month period! Which didn't bother me to be honest. But with the second one, I had persistent abdominal and cervical pain fo... "

" ...persuade me to get Mirena when I had my My friend had an ectopic pregnancy/ miscarriage on it ...BFF ended up getting cervical cancer... "

" hi I recently went for my mirena coil to be replaced the ...Can you tell me is there a risk of cervical cancer, all my previous smears have always been clear I... "

" ...well he told me cervical cancer is caused by Stds (hpv) and some ...makes sense? I had the mirena and it actually CUT ...wasn't inserted properly, bled for months, eventually stopped bleeding... "

" and had to have removed because of getting cervical cancer and before that i lost hair and had bad leg cramps and anxiety o.c.d. ...suit with other women aganist mirena iud. please i... "

" ...her due to their estrogen content. Also, bcps have become suspect to worsening cervical cancer/dysplasia cases. (The Mirena IUD contains only progestins and oral progestins are another... "

" ...cant take hormones because my mom got cervical cancer when she took birth control ...No im not interested in mirena or the nuva ring. Has anyone used the implanon and what should i... "

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