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Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is a Ether compound with many applications from industrial manufacturing to medicine. It has also been known...
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Miralax for Constipation
79,330 conversations around the web about Miralax to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Miralax and compared it to other Constipation medications
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Does Miralax cause Blood In My Stool ?

#37 in Miralax discussions - 76 posts discuss Blood In My Stool with Miralax. Blood In My Stool is #37 concern in Miralax discussions.
We found 76 discussions
" ...nurse about the blood in my stool, and she was ...any good whatsoever. She suggested finding the generic version of Miralax, especially where it is ...but not forever. Miralax works by ... "

" ...was the main sign(along with blood in stool caused by anal fissures from ...can become dependent in the Miralax so you really need to... "

" the ER with bloody stools. Idk if you remember but in the winter I was in the hospital for the colitis. It's a big deal. The Miralax can irritate the colon and get it all inflammed and such. Eve... "

" ...use a full dose of MiraLax twice each week. I hope throughly check for blood? Blood in stool not a good thing. Did ...value of regular dosing with MiraLax and urinary catheterizati... "

" ...poop on this forum! There are various reasons for bloody stools though, so try not to get ahead of yourself. ...but I would not take Miralax AND the moviprep w/o talking... "

" ...weeks I have had unbearable constipation. It takes me ...between movements. I?increased water, fiber, miralax...nothing. Even passing gas has been ...It is liquid, and blood in stool (not so ... "

" ...done about Miralax, its ...the Miralax. In ...,,232659_125159,00.html?arrivalSA=1&cobrandRef=0&arrival_freqCap=3 Bloody Stools i... "

" ...Wendy! Mine wasn't bad taste-wise. It was just a medium sized bottle of Miralax mixed in with Gatorade, ...weeks I noticed some blood in my stool so they figured th... "

" a number of specialists. Even had an MRI of his spine done. One specialist said his bowls were distended from the chronic constipation and that \"training\" them would help. Milk of Magnesia 2Xs... "

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" constipation and has recommended miralax for 30 days. She ...gets worse, or has bloody stool that he needs to come back in Monday. The ...the juice with the miralax powder. I guess we... "

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