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Other Names: Vivelle Dot   Vivelle   Estradiol   Climara   Estrace

Minivelle Top Concerns

Based on 1,222 patient discussions on healthcare websites and blogs
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By Betty Lauro
October 4, 2014
Betty Lauro wrote
Minivelle and Weight Gain
Started using Minivelle in July, the hot flashes went away almost inmmediately and I am sleeping much better but I have gained 15 pounds without any change in my eating habits or activity levels.... I am stopping Minivelle, I rather live with the hot flashes !
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By Patsy
July 13, 2014
Patsy wrote
Minivelle - it works
Hit flashing all day, no sleep, irritable, no sex, moody and emotional. A total mess! Started minivelle on Thursday, had knee throb for a couple of hours. It subsided and has not returned. Today is Saturday and I feel great. Sleeping all night, had 2 mild hit flashes today. I am one happy camper!
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By Dayana
July 1, 2014
Dayana wrote
Minivelle and weight gain
Started Minivelle 0.05 in February. The HRT worked almost immediately...no hot flashes, sleeping thorough the night, great mood, feeling amazing! Then... the weight gain began. Today it has been exactly five months since I started using the patch, but I have gained #10. I am also experiencing pain when I get up, walk, or stand.

Will stop the HRT for one month. Afterwards, I need to have new blood tests done and see my GYN for results. Will need to double my gym time to two-hours per day, 3-4 x/week. Watch what I eat, and journal my symptoms every day.
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By arty 1
October 20, 2013
arty 1 wrote
minivelle is not sticking!
You should pull one half of the clear plastic backing off and stick it to your (pre-alcohol cleaned and dried) skin. Then pull the second strip off and press the rest of the patch down. Hold for 10 seconds..
Mine stays on perfectly.
November 19, 2014
I was in vivelle patch and LOVED it. No night sweats etc. switched to minivelle and suddenly I'm constantly having sweats day and night. I tried the switch one other time and left the minivelle for the Vivelle and though the minivelle is less expensive I'm returning for the final time to the Vivelle which works much better at controlling your hormones and sweats.
May 30, 2014
I do not like the minivelle patch. It does stick to underwear and/or curls up rendering it unusable. I also hate the black printing all over the patch. I have to wear more than one at a time and I feel like the tattooed lady.
naya  |  April 14, 2014
Put an extra patch of Micropore (little bit bigger than the minivelle) on your minivelle patch. This keep the estropatch on it place. You can shower with this, no problem. I even went this to the sauna, steambath.
Bo  |  January 2, 2014
I have the same problem, sticks to my underwear.
debbie  |  December 17, 2013
I too have had same problems. Hard to take strips off patch, patch curling or sticking to underware or fingers. need a better covering or easier way to apply without messing up. Will go back to viville dot if my insurance covers again in 2014. If not, Will need to sadly handle miniville problems if stays more afordable in 2014. Viville dot no longer on my insurance formulary and will probably not be added back to the formulary in 2014. Really unhappy.
myrna  |  November 27, 2013
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What patients are saying about Minivelle

1,222 patient discussions from healthcare websites and blogs
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