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Miniville Patch-0.1 mg then reduced dosage .05 for 3+ years on the patch. NO breast cancer history in family-
June 4-2015 diagnosed with Invasive ductal carcinoma IDC grade 1. (BREAST CANCER)
It most certainly helped with the hot flashes, but not worth the risk of IDC.
Only wish I had not taken the risk of the patch.
Pain from surgery and now 6 weeks of radiation not worth the risk

Used patch for the first time yesterday hip pain and lower abdominal pain unbearable removed it in the middle of the night, not sure if I will attempt another one.

Penny Holton
I've been on the Minivelle patch for about 2 years now. Yes I sleep through the night, no longer weepy, no more hot flashes/night sweats but am up 25 pounds and that is a lot. I'm thinking about weaning myself off of the patch and maybe going on something else, like supplements from GNC.

I just started this patch and within a month I have gained over 12 pounds and my stomach is huge I was skinny now I can't take it .helps with hot flashes etc night sweats but the weight gain and all I do is shovel food in like I'm starving I think I'm gonna look into something else .

Betty Lauro
Minivelle and Weight Gain
Started using Minivelle in July, the hot flashes went away almost inmmediately and I am sleeping much better but I have gained 15 pounds without any change in my eating habits or activity levels.... I am stopping Minivelle, I rather live with the hot flashes !

Minivelle - it works
Hit flashing all day, no sleep, irritable, no sex, moody and emotional. A total mess! Started minivelle on Thursday, had knee throb for a couple of hours. It subsided and has not returned. Today is Saturday and I feel great. Sleeping all night, had 2 mild hit flashes today. I am one happy camper!

Minivelle and weight gain
Started Minivelle 0.05 in February. The HRT worked almost hot flashes, sleeping thorough the night, great mood, feeling amazing! Then... the weight gain began. Today it has been exactly five months since I started using the patch, but I have gained #10. I am also experiencing pain when I get up, walk, or stand.

Will stop the HRT for one month. Afterwards, I need to have new blood tests done and see my GYN for results. Will need to double my gym time to two-hours per day, 3-4 x/week. Watch what I eat, and journal my symptoms every day.
issue even after using the Minivelle patch for a couple...
" ...same issue even after using the Minivelle patch for a couple months. ...It prevents me from having hot flashes, etc. when I change... "
1 year. I also take minivelle .0375. What dose do you...
" I am 29 and have 2 kids. I have been in surgical menopause 1 year. I also take minivelle .0375. What dose do you take? Make sure if you go off of... "
patch. I started the Minivelle patch in the higher dose....
" 53, active and having multiple menopausal symptoms. I'm so happy to hear I'm not the only one experiencing rapid weight gain on the patch. I started the Minivelle patch in the higher dose.... "

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