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Mini Stroke

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(Transient ischaemic attack)
transient ischemic attack (spelled ischaemic in British English) (abbreviated as TIA, often referred to as "'''mini stroke...
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Common Mini Stroke treatments discussed around the web
Aspirin 770 Baby Aspirin 104 Lipitor 49
20,875 conversations around the web about Mini Stroke to help you make a decision
20,875 conversations around the web about Mini Stroke to help you make a decision
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Mini Stroke & Pre Eclampsia

0.14% of the posts that mention Mini Stroke also mention Pre Eclampsia (29 posts)
Mini Stroke
Pre Eclampsia
We found 29 discussions
" being admitted to hospital with suspected pre-eclampsia or a mini stroke. Baby is ok... "

" ...have PIH and have had pre-eclampsia/HELLP 5 times. If I had ...a stroke. I have had TA's (mini stroke) when my pressures were normal ...made my left side go totally numb including my face. I... "

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" ...who develop preeclampsia have ...history of pre-eclampsia...\" ...PE) suffered from transient ischemic attacks for years,... "

" a high risk for preeclampsia because it was a preexisting ...the moment becuase i have a history of tia\"s and of course we want worried that i will delevop preeclampsia or worse hav... "

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" ...blood cell count as well. Then Grandma had a mini stroke last week but seems to be improving well. Savannah ...5oz. She was delivered early due to Jen having Severe PreEclampsia... "

" ...think I had a TIA (mini stroke) once, but the tests came ...It was shortly after my postpartum preeclampsia, so I am fairly certain ...what is going on. My mom has bipolar disorder... "

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" ...let me go today. Had the symptoms of a \"TIA\"/mini-stroke and possibly preeclampsia. They let me go, though. So...that's good. Still feeling... "

" ...posts it sounded like mini stroke. Hope the your dr ...But high blood pressure or pre eclampsia can cause a mini stroke, so good luck and hope... "

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" ...find each year that I am away from the trauma event (c-section with pre-eclampsia and mini-stroke), the less severe my CFS. (Though it can flare just like Fibro.) As far as treatment --... "

" ...migraine. The midwife I was working with at the time freaked out and thought it was some mini stroke or pre-eclampsia but an older midwife who came to get me recognised it as a migraine and made me... "

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