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Mini Stroke

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(Transient ischaemic attack)
transient ischemic attack (spelled ischaemic in British English) (abbreviated as TIA, often referred to as "'''mini stroke...
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Common Mini Stroke treatments discussed around the web
Aspirin 770 Baby Aspirin 104 Lipitor 49
20,879 conversations around the web about Mini Stroke to help you make a decision
20,879 conversations around the web about Mini Stroke to help you make a decision
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Mini Stroke & Paranoia

0.27% of the posts that mention Mini Stroke also mention Paranoia (57 posts)
Mini Stroke
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We found 57 discussions
" My sister had a mini stroke. The kids where ...Autism. and now i am paranoid about... "

" ...going on. Apparently he had been having TIA's (small strokes) that ...with my suspicions. It is important though because of medication needed to control the paranoia, delusions and hallucinati... "

" Dad at home - and is really struggling for support. He has AD TIA's and appears to be developing paranoia now as well (ho hum!). I know she'd love to be able to... "

" ...him a drooling zombie, which I was very disturbed by. After a month he became paranoid again, his dosage was raised, and a few days later he ended up in the hospital with mini-stroke like symptoms.... "

" ...effect. Time to quit moaning, boo hoo'ing, and take control of this f'in condition. Since I'm dyslexic and slightly paranoid, sometimes I ...sign of TIA. Transient ischemic Attacks... "

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" ...19 and had a mini stroke in June 2012, ...notice they do? I also feel like somedays I stutter a lot more than others, is there a chance this could be some damage from the mini stroke or am I jus... "

" ...stroke, the signs you are experiencing could be a mini-stroke. Best to have your neurologist talk to you about ...much more attention to my aches and pains and worry ...I am starting ot f... "

" ...due to \"hospital psychosis\". My wife's grandmother was hospitalized over the summer (possible mini-stroke) and was in full-blown psychosis after a week or so. Hallucinations, paranoia, confusion,... "

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" ...absolutely no excuse. If your partner has done nothing for you to doubt them then why control them? I also back up Tia's point of a personality ...he had PPD (paranoid something disorder). ... "

" ...hi everyone hope you are all well I had a small (not mini) stroke in 2003 at the age of 43 and although ...the fact that i get very paranoid about day to day livig... "

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