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Mini Stroke

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(Transient ischaemic attack)
transient ischemic attack (spelled ischaemic in British English) (abbreviated as TIA, often referred to as "'''mini stroke...
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Common Mini Stroke treatments discussed around the web
Aspirin 771 Baby Aspirin 104 Lipitor 49
20,960 conversations around the web about Mini Stroke to help you make a decision
20,960 conversations around the web about Mini Stroke to help you make a decision
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Mini Stroke & Mood Swings

0.22% of the posts that mention Mini Stroke also mention Mood Swings (47 posts)
Mini Stroke
Mood Swings
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Mood Swings
We found 47 discussions
" ...and mild hot flashes. Mood swings are minimal. I cant having had mini strokes (TIA's) several years ago, my gyn. gave me celexa ( two years ago) for mood swings and said they might help... "

" ...the end. She also had many little TIA's (Transient Ischemic Attacks), the little strokes you mention. ...chest infection. She also had terrible mood swings and was violent at times.... "

" Alheimers and TIA's......related? My Dad is in the ...He is beginning to have TIA's now. Are they specifically Alzheimer's? He also has drastic mood changes prior to the TIA.... "

" ...and my Dr. either couldn't or didn't tell me where the clot came from but I live in fear of a massive stroke, one that will either kill me before I want to pass or worse yet one that will leave me ... "

" ...jorney with Cpap. I had lung, kidney and liver problems. testetrone levels were at ...up with my partner. My mood swings were terrible and I had 5 years and had three TIa's (Mini strok... "

" ...several years now. I was put in the hospital once because I had one so bad that it caused me to have a \"mini\" stroke. After that, with ...preventative, and it helped my mood swings more than... "

" ...about 4 years ago I was diagnosed with 'mood swings' and put on lithium and prozac which seems ...2011 I had a 'mini stroke'. Since then within it was mini stroke...........then T... "

" ...heart palpitations, dizzy spells, mood swings, and pains that seem like they are actually coming from my heart. Im only 18 and I am only slightly active, as I am a sculpture student and a... "

" ...was given hrt, unfortunately 6 weeks ago I had a mini stroke and was taken of Hrt immediately. Since then I am suffering hot sweats, mood swings and anxiety. All the doctors have suggested is anti... "

" ...had at least 3 tia's ( strokes) they i have had at least 3 tia s ( strokes) they ...including vitamins and fish oil i have had depression and two children which makes me tired all the time memor... "

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