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Migraine is a chronic neurological disorder characterized by moderate to severe headaches, and nausea. It is about three times more ...
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Common Migraines treatments discussed around the web
Topamax 24,845 Tylenol 20,290 Imitrex 17,283
823,904 conversations around the web about Migraines to help you make a decision
823,904 conversations around the web about Migraines to help you make a decision
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Migraines & Pineapple Juice

We found 62 discussions
" Pineapple juice was strangely appealing and seemed to calm my stomach eat, and the lack of eating (especially protein) was making me weak and giving me migrane... "

" ...the URL, EPagain. And I'm going to try the pineapple juice. I have had a wicked migraine ALL WEEK, so I'll know pretty quickly if it... "

" I get alot less migraines than I used to. I sometimes think that maybe ...vitamins I am taking. I also drink 8oz of pineapple juice in the morning to help. If this continues, you... "

" ...keep hydrated! I have chronic migraines and they are terrible. I possible and when the migraines start to come on, I drink pineapple juice. Not carton. The good stuff.... "

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" ...filled it a dozen times yesterday! Ocassionally I'll drink a coke (I get migraines and sometimes a coke is the cure) or maybe a sprite. I also ...mix w/ milk, though my dh mixes it w/ pineapple ... "

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" ...goal of -212 (I made it!) Fruits and Veggies: pineapple juice, strawberries, brussel sprouts. Goal is 5 a day, so ...goal = 17 (BTW, got a migraine yesterday. See Living Room for... "

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" a good way! Got a migraine before dinner, then had a ...Net -301 vs goal of -266 Breakfast granola bar, pineapple juice 195 Lunch peanut butter sandwich, ufo, Carrs cookie 381... "

" ...I suffered with migraines when I got my period when I was on's horrible I know. Another question - i keep seeing people recomend asprin, brazil nuts and pineapple juice. when are... "

" such. I did get a migraine but I normal get them ...i did read somewhere that pineapple juice is good for you but ...tale and also to put a hot water bottle at your feet when... "

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" ...232 Snacks pineapple juice 55, 1 ...been having a problem late mornings with hypoglycemia. I've ...increase in my migraine preventive, which is a blood pressure med called atenolol brand nam... "

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