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Migraine is a chronic neurological disorder characterized by moderate to severe headaches, and nausea. It is about three times more ...
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Common Migraines treatments discussed around the web
Topamax 24,681 Tylenol 20,165 Imitrex 17,150
817,852 conversations around the web about Migraines to help you make a decision
817,852 conversations around the web about Migraines to help you make a decision
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Migraines & Kale

We found 199 discussions
" ...he didn't think they were migraines but the ENT last time ...say he thinks they are migraines. It is that funny because ...a plate of spinach and kale salad because someone told me... "

" ...your day ran smoothly. I have never heard of hunger being a side effect ...I hope your DD feels better, migraines are not fun! No wonder ...that did not know that kale contained a lot of pr... "

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" ...the past few weeks I seem to be losing and gaining the same 5 pounds. I know it will ...yeasterday with a violent migraine so maybe ketosis is ...baked veggie chips (zucchini; kale). I am... "

" the ink. I got an upset stomach to the point of almost throwing up, a migraine headache, shaky. Sitting in the sauna events.) I have some kale chips for snacking. That's all... "

" ...brekkie... And my juice is kale, spinach (today only--didn't have it ...head decide it doesn't like kale celery and cucumber all of ...are miserable--I wouldn't call them migraines by a lo... "

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" ...headaches everyday for years- sometimes migraines with aura or vision ...nutrition. I eat oysters, kale, beets, eggs, etc- foods ...I'm sorry that you are dealing with headache pain. It's r... "

" ...D: Cilantro-lime Rice, sweet potato-blackbean-black kale mix, fresh salsa, and some ...that processed foods aggrovate her migraines. So I described Jeff Novick's... "

" ...I do eat lots of kale and spinach and carrots yellow quickly with TV and computer and I get migraines in flourescent lights. Thank you for the info though.... "

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" ...appointment wasn't until late December. I have been having horrible eyestrain and migraines, when I wear my glasses, I need them for ...ate a whole pan of kale chips by myself yesterday. The... "

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" ...a green smoothie every day (kale, spinach, apple & strawberry) and ...and then cycle from there. I'm really hoping the migraines don't come back full force- they've been mostly gone with just... "

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