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Migraine is a chronic neurological disorder characterized by moderate to severe headaches, and nausea. It is about three times more ...
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Common Migraines treatments discussed around the web
Topamax 24,648 Tylenol 20,145 Imitrex 17,121
816,835 conversations around the web about Migraines to help you make a decision
816,835 conversations around the web about Migraines to help you make a decision
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Migraines & Bee Pollen

We found 40 discussions
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" How would Bee Pollen and Propolis be used to treat a migraine? My sister in law suffers ...and cold symptoms and both bee pollen and propolis open up my ...worth a try for migraines and much les... "

" ...considered a natural method like bee pollen? Do some google research on ...just started taking local bee pollen twice a day. As ...taking it, my allergy-related migraines stopped for the firs... "

Post from
" bee pollen/protein shakes/ hypoglycemia hi trudy, thanks ...the one without bee pollen because it gives me migraines. unfortunately, that and ...that alleviates my severe hypoglycemia is meat,... "

Post from
" Bee Stings For Treating Migraines I don't personally know anyone who has tried BVT for migraines. I think one must be ...I think I would try bee pollen or propolis before trying BVT.... "

" ...I began taking bee pollen,Durham's Queen's Delight (Royal with migraine headaches. After suffering lose. I've been taking the above for over a month now and not one migraine. I ... "

" ...awesome!!! Have you ever tried bee pollen? If you're not allergic to ...he and I both have bad allergies and he said it ...It's suppose to help with migraines and allergies among other thi... "

" ...I have decided to try Bee pollen or Maca Root- there were interestingly- I also have epilepsy... and all of the ...also caused me to have migraines. I sure hope something natural... "

Post from
" ...bee pollen for my seasonal allergies. I'm ...suggested Vitamin B-2. (I had complained about the script med costing too much.) He told me that the vitamin would help alleviate the migraines. Not... "

Post from
" migraine headaches I met a person who ...that she suffered from migraine headaches for many years and ...weeks later, Her migraine headaches were gone and they have not come back. Praise The Lo... "

" ...on the ADPKD group. She has shared that bee pollen capsules have helped in eliminating her migraines. ...if,\"God willing\", I do get some help with migraine from the inclusion of bee pollen in... "

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