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Middle Aged + Chiropractic

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20 conversations around the web about Middle Aged + Chiropractic to help you make a decision
20 conversations around the web about Middle Aged + Chiropractic to help you make a decision
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Middle Aged & Chiropractic

We found 20 discussions
" trying to contain my anger. You do not belong ...have had strokes due to chiropractic. There was even one documented ...caused a stroke to a middle aged man in my hometown. You... "

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" allopathic and chiropractic treatments. She is of slender build, middle aged. I have suggested ...\" \" I have terrible neuralgia pains. ...right and the pains are all over, espec... "

" ...are not, your nearly middle aged and doing all those, acupuncture, cortisone injections, oesteopath, chiropractic remedies and to top it ...sensible. Mr F takes 8 tramadol's a d... "

" ...watching and waiting, trying physio, chiropractic and other treatments (no bracing), ...the entire family -- we were all furious and basically in denial ...hard when you're a middle-aged work... "

" ...can make big bucks doing Chiropractic, expecially if its a private practice. I know a middle aged guy living in a 5... "

" middle aged woman with scoliosis and spinal stenosis ...spinal stenosis ( thus, my \"name\"). I do not want chiropractic care. How does anybody else deal with this worsening... "

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" ...the short term. Life coaching is to counseling what chiropractic is to osteology, but primarily done by middle-aged women with husbands who financially support their expensive endeavor.... "

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" ...apply those differences in his/her treatment. The stereotype is that chiropractic is for the middle aged person with back pain. It's more than that. Think... "

" ...discs. Other than physical therapy, chiropractic therapy and the hot tub...all ...was advised to lose the \"belly\" middle aged men (some) acquire as it... "

" ...for study of Chiropractic The primary claim of ...body. If this is true, then middle-aged clients of chiropractors would (upon ...did not have the benefit of chiropractic care. Though there... "

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