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Methylprednisolone is a synthetic glucocorticoid or corticosteroid drug. It is marketed in the USA and Canada under the brand names Me...
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Methylprednisolone for Rash
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Methylprednisolone & Rash

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Apr 12th, then I have rashes on Apr 13th....... ||||||||...
" ...Apr 12th, then I have rashes on Apr 13th....... |||||||| For some reasons, my symptoms seem to get better, I took 2 tablets methylprednisolone and Vitamin C last night.... "

doctor diagnosed me with \"rash-unknown reason\". For this...
" the doctor diagnosed me with \"rash-unknown reason\". For this I paid a $75.00 co-pay. I could have diagnosed it myself. he started me on methylprednisone and benedryl. I was on... "

quickly started getting a nasty rash, that has spread all...
" ...I spent the morning at the hospital, having a bunch of doctors look at me, deciding that I have a viral rash. My skin is burning/stinging so intense! It feels like I am being cooked! They... "

Loratadine, benedryl to reduce itching. Big rash...
" Taking Methylprednisolone, Loratadine, benedryl to reduce itching. Big rash patches on neck, ears. How ...several big patches of rash on my back neck ...ears were full of rash (not big patches ,... "

that the rash was pretty much gone. I hear that oatmeal...
" ...(a steroid) and it helped within a day or so. Once I stopped the rash came back and she gave me a prescription for prednisone and by the time I was done with that the rash was pretty much... "

supportive people. I had a terrible rash/itch after 2 of...
" ...a terrible rash/itch after 2 of my treatments. The rash/itch traveled all over my body and it was so uncomfortable that my onc had to prescribe a methylprednisone (sp?) pack. I sure hope the... "

avoid or anything. My rash is much better this morning....
" ...rash is much better this morning. I'm not terribly itchy allover anymore. The rash is also not raised anymore. It mostly looks like I have blotchy skin, not rashy skin. I still have 6 more days... "

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recognize a rash triggered by Neulasta. My wife had the...
" ...rash too. Dr. Christea saw the rash, looked puzzled, then reviewed her chart and saw Neulasta and said it was the most likely the cause of her rash. Sure enough, when the next round of chemothera... "

feet, arms neck, scalp, hairline, I was covered in rash...
" ...inserted on 11/14/12 and removed on 1/7/13. In about the 4th week began the insidious pox like rash, on my chest, then my back, legs, feet, arms neck, scalp, hairline, I was covered in rash... "

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with my allergies and the skin rash I can�t seem to get rid...
" ...would help my sciatica and herniated ...allergies and the skin rash I can�t seem ...allergies again. Side note. Medrol is an oral corticosteroid called Methylprednisolone. Since it works on ... "

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