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Methyl Salicylate/Menthol/Camphor + Gum

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92 conversations around the web about Methyl Salicylate/Menthol/Camphor + Gum to help you make a decision
92 conversations around the web about Methyl Salicylate/Menthol/Camphor + Gum to help you make a decision
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Methyl Salicylate/Menthol/Camphor & Gum

We found 92 discussions
" ...smell like I've bathed in Ben-Gay (I just smell like a stick of gum). The initial heat from application go with what is essentially Absorbine Sr. because it's stronger... "

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" ...who did my wisdom teeth. He first used some blue gel around my gum then gave me a pinch around the teeth which ...20 minutes and it stopped bleeding after I took them... "

" ...or so I have received A pack of Stride Gum- Berry flavor. Yum! Walmart cascade complete sample with a ...of why I got two) Stopain sample Coupon for a free... "

" ...tiger balm, trident chewing gum, and ... "

" ...of hours). I also love Salonpas pain patches (you can find them at Wal-mart). A couple of those on my neck do a lot to block/alleviate neck pain, whether it ...This means no gum, crunchy, chew... "

" ...Clorox 2x $1 UP2U Mentos gum 4x $5 Hasbro FPC Aero ...2x BOGO Crystal Light Mocktails (jan 18 2013) $2 Tiger Balm April 30 $1.50 any Oikos Dec 31 2012 4x... "

" ...after all the SF gum chewing I am doing. ...was better than todays. My feet hurt some tonight and that ...Glad Motrin is helping and ben gay. Welcome back Kris!!! ... "

" belt or tiger balm plasters. OK from my gynea advice. normal white panadol can be taken too. Hi haystack i experienced slight nose bleed but it ...same as bleeding gum... so i du... "

" ...the pain is in my gum or teeth. My dentist says ...a few samples of a blue gel (I forgot the name of ...think it was Phos something) to try on my gum, it does work to stop the pain when I... "

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" ...packs 2 Febreeze Noticables 3 Febreese sprays Trial 3 bengay 1 precise 12 mac n cheese 12 kids meals ...(on sale for 1.50 ea) 1 crest 2 orbit gum 2 6 packs of sprite and dp 3 gatorad... "

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