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Bleeding, technically known as hemorrhaging or haemorrhaging (see American and British English spelling differences number...
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Common Bleeding treatments discussed around the web
Provera 7,079 Mirena 5,475 Pitocin 2,872
2,428,173 conversations around the web about Bleeding to help you make a decision
2,428,173 conversations around the web about Bleeding to help you make a decision
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Methyl Salicylate/Menthol/Camphor & Bleeding

We found 111 discussions
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" ...neck skin, very painful and I sympathize, very painful. Mine bled some too. I used silvadine 1st, then blue gel burn pads made by New Skin.... "

" ...hated the movie and got a headache in the process (thank goodness, nose bleeding hasn't occured yet to ...and Blue is Advil... "

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" ...or something. I have this internal bleeding disorder, thingy- runs in the family. I just rubbed Tiger Balm muscle rub on it maybe it'll help. It hurts too... "

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" ...your replies. I still have a headache. I took some paracetamol ...going to put on some Tiger Balm in a bit and go move plenty and no bleeding or anything so am not... "

" ...I do NOT want a peppermint, or spearmint menthol. I don't want a bengay menthol that'll make my eyes bleed in agonizing pain because it's so strong. I just want something that'll be as close... "

" ...ready to sweat, cuss and bleed. Get ready to have more ...baggy is load of fun....feeling pumped is addictive. You'll live for that ...iPod and reload on the Tiger Balm and get'r... "

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" ...flicks? No carnage? NONE WHATSOEVER? Boy bands make my ears bleed! Okay, I'm for the hair-doing (you''re getting dual hawks ...death and white musk and bengay! They all fart while they... "

" in. I use tiger balm for knots on my ...far as healing goes. We use it in training in order to prevent cuts and the cut-man in fights will use it to slow bleeding but thats really it. Ice... "

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" ...out, the manager came over and complained that my foot was bleeding excessively through my sneaker, and I told him how ...for his burn lawsuit. (the tiger balm episode) Go to the ER... "

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" ...itch more than they bleed...Prep H, huh? Doesn't that... "

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