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Other names: Trexall, Rheumatrex
Prescribing mode: Rx
*Off Label
Methotrexate (International Nonproprietary Name) , abbreviated MTX and formerly known as amethopterin, is an antimetabolit...
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Methotrexate for RA
198,892 conversations around the web about Methotrexate to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Methotrexate and compared it to other RA medications
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Methotrexate cause Cirrhosis ?

Cirrhosis is a known side effect of Methotrexate
#70 in Methotrexate discussions - 138 posts discuss Cirrhosis with Methotrexate. Cirrhosis is #70 concern in Methotrexate discussions.
We found 138 discussions
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" ...very cautious about using Methrotrexate . I took injections ...biopsy.... Well I now have full blown cirrhosis due to the Methrotrexate and my psorisas is out of control!! Plus I have psoriat... "

" ...had been taking Methatrexate for approximately five years, when she recently passed away from complications due to severe cirrhosis assumedly caused by chronic Methatrexate exposure. What is... "

" ...cirrhosis in my liver as a result of the toxic methotrexate in CMF chemo and other treatments but that does not mean... "

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" I was on Methrotrexate for about 4 years and ...biopsy - I now have full blown cirrhosis of the liver due to the Methrotrexate. My liver specialist okay'ed me to use Enbrel as I'm covered with pso... "

Post from
" ...exert such catastrophic side effects (cirrhosis and pulmonary fibrosis from MTX, for example). I certainly am ...guess at whether they would render Minocin less-than-useful. It would be... "

" ...not sure of at this point. Drugs I've tried Imuran - started getting cirrhosis of the liver Methotrexate - allergic rash all over face, hot and itchy.. Lasted for weeks. Mesalazine -... "

" People with psoriasis have more problems with MTX and liver cirrhosis than those with other autoimmune ...the primary reasons that MTX isn't first in line ...have more AE's with MTX than anyone ... "

" ...I know of in my family is suitable. My mom got cirrhosis of the liver from a drug called Methotrexate (sp?) and this is what caused the entire dilemma... "

" Elaphe I had a previous cirrhosis diagnosis and I'm still taking Methotrexate. Controlling Wegeners is actually more important than pretty much... "

" ...on mtx for several years and had high liver studies, then was on arava for three ...but I do have c... "

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