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Methamphetamine is taken for: ADHD ADD Weight Loss Obesity Weight Gain More


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Taken for: ADHD, ADD, Weight Loss
Other names: Desoxyn, Desoxyn Gradumet
Method of use: Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
Methamphetamine (United States Adopted Name) ( ) (also known as methamfetamine (International Nonproprietary Name), '''N-methyl...
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Methamphetamine for ADHD
50,582 conversations around the web about Methamphetamine to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Methamphetamine and compared it to other ADHD medications
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Methamphetamine & Trazodone

We found 43 discussions
" ...a false positive for methamphetamines. I take TRAZADONE, AMBIEN, ESIDIRIX, PHENERGRAN, COLONAZAPAM,NAPROSTYN,... "

" ...too am on methadone and trazadone and combined they absolutely ...positives may vary from methamphetamine to benzodiazepam to ecsta... "

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" ...What are the possible side effects of mixing methamphetamine, vicodin , marijuana and trazodone? My daughters father is using ...marijuana twice weekly, taking trazodone for anxiety and vicodin... "

" ...facing 10 days in jail for a urine analysis showing faint line on methamphetamine and amphetamines. I am currently prescribed trazadone n I use benzadryx inhaler along w Vicks 12hr nasal spray. I a... "

" ...It Possible False Positive Drug Test Trazodone I just went ...being positive for methamphetamine. I am prescribed trazadone and hydrogen. would that make me fail for methamphetamine? they said i... "

" ...having shakes ever since he was prescribed Trazadone and started taking that. SWIM ...of GHB and IV'd methamphetamine and huffed amyls. Then ...helping. SWIM is having very violent shakes. A ... "

Post from
" ...methamphetamine. ...sleep. My senses get distorted, I feel like, gone, spaced ect... Many people report these kinds of feelings - antidepressants are quite potent drugs. So I take a mil... "

Post from
" well back in the day I was using methamphetamines and pot and drinking. I just got real skinny (im 5'9 and got down to 120 lbs ...and real messed up. The trazadone is a sleep aid (or... "

Post from
" ...Adderall Focalin methamphetamine Caffeine other random fun drugs: Trazadone seroquil dipenhydrinate... "

" ...Taking Zoloft,Trazodone,and Vyvance Will that cause a positive reading for methamphetamine even though they put... "

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