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Treato results for Metformin and Pepto-Bismol

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Help people by sharing experiences you've had with Metformin or Pepto-Bismol - your story could impact others.
Treato My Voice
By ann
January 5, 2015
ann wrote
pepto bismol and high blood pressure
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By metformin experimenter
August 2, 2014
metformin experimenter wrote
meformin & thyroid (TSH)
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By Hemm
July 11, 2014
Hemm wrote
I also take Metformin 500mg and my A1c was also 6.1 and I was told I'm pre-diabetic.I need yo lose weight and I believe that will take care of the whole pill taking thing.I have changed my the way I eat.
MKeith  |  September 21, 2014
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By Karenbc
April 29, 2014
Karenbc wrote
Metformin and Aleve
I was taking two pills a day and had to stop because I was constantly hungry. Maybe you nee to cut back to one.
Stephanie  |  August 23, 2014
I have been taking Metformin for about 4 yrs now, and just the thought of swallowing the pill makes me wanna gag. I hate the taste of it on my tongue. I also take it while I eat... at least before my last bite, so that I know that it will go down. Another thing I noticed is, when I forget to take it for a day, I get gassy when I start it again. I thought it was just me.
misteek  |  July 22, 2014
ALICE  |  June 29, 2014
There is a time release Metformin which helped me with some reactions. Dr. almost didn't mention it though. Tammy
June 23, 2014
I have the runs all day. If I bend down 2 tie my shoe, underwear change. My stomach is upset all the time. I'm afraid to pass gas, I might shard myself.
Tee  |  June 17, 2014
My doctor prescribed 1000 mg Metformin twice a day. I took just the first evening and second day morning and evening. I had a total throw up the whole evening dinner and little lunch grapefruit. I stopped taking that. I just went back to my old pill Glyb/Metformin 2.5/500. I watch what I eat now in order to take just half of it once daily. If I have a big dinner, I had to take the whole pill. I try to eat less meats and more vegetables. My sis just warned me on the long taking Metformin
Oli  |  June 17, 2014
I am light headed on the Metformin too. Just started it a couple of weeks ago.
JohnMc  |  May 26, 2014
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By Angel's Mom
January 23, 2014
Angel's Mom wrote
Metformin & Bad Breath
People with Chronic halitosis have no idea of how bad it is, when it is “on” or “off” and when it is really acutely tragic. Once the source is identified, a reasonable person will take every necessary action they know to do to remedy it or reduce it to a bearable level by all means necessary. I am a reasonable man, but unfortunately, i could not solve a problem i don't know how to fix.
I had suffered with it for over 5 years (correlating to my time on Metformin) and never knew the height, dept
DrMike76  |  August 13, 2014
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By Jasmine286
January 10, 2014
Jasmine286 wrote
Milk of Magnesia v Pepto Bismol
You should only take Milk of Magnesia as a laxative, because that's what it is! It says it right on the bottle, it isn't for heartburn, it's to help you shit. On the other hand, Pepto is to help coat your stomach and it is also made to stop diarrhea. I'm not too sure why anybody would take a laxative to try help their stomach, you should be taking Mylanta or a stomach antacid to help with stomach pains, not a laxative, no wonder why you feel like shit!
Marc  |  August 14, 2014
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By Bob
December 5, 2013
Bob wrote
Type 2 Diabetes, Metformin and Lovastatin
That is interesting. Please keep posted as I am border line high cholesterol and they have debated wether they should risk cholestorol meds because I have a fatty liver, and it is a med that works throught the liver.
Nissa  |  January 10, 2014
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By stank mouth
October 15, 2013
stank mouth wrote
stanky mouth from metformin
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By donna dube
August 21, 2013
donna dube wrote
metformin and stomach problems
I've been taking Metformin for 3 years. I take a 1000mg pill twice a day. I have never had any issues. I'd rather take Metformin than insulin injections for sure. Take Metformin just after eating a meal. I take mine after breakfast and dinner.
Rogio  |  January 10, 2015
Metformin gave me mild stomach cramps taking 4 pills at once. My doctor advised me to space them out during the day which helped. Oddly, after a few years, the cramping came back more severe, and I was taken off it (not knowing the consequences had I continued). The real question is: Insulin is one of the few drugs pregnant women CAN take, so it must be innocuous. Yet, why do doctors fool around with all this other stuff? Metformin and Actos never seemed to do anything for me, a Type II.
LearyMan  |  December 23, 2014
You are supposed to take Metformin with food it does nothing but cause stomach issues if you don't.
Scott  |  November 18, 2014
i take metformin also.i have these weird like hunger pains to the point where im in severe pain i have looked up everything my thyroid and other stuff i just dont know what to do i hurt so bad
Nancy Mosley  |  September 22, 2014
I had the exact same problem - my consultant advised me to take 1500 metformin at bedtime which worked brilliant I don't suffer in the day anymore!! Best advise find a brilliant endocrine professor!! After five wrong diagnosis from different doctors I found a brilliant endocrine specialist he is a researcher and he has patients from all over uk! I have other endocrine problems thyroid etc and if it wasn't for him I'd have been palmed off with painkillers by other doctors that were clearly not
Andrea  |  September 1, 2014
Correction..... Taken
Carolyn  |  April 10, 2014
I know the feeling. It gave me lactic acidosis. I am trying to be compensated by the doctors who prescribed it without considering that I had chf and kidney damage. I was t Ken off the drug but two weeks later I am still dealing the gas, bloating. A gastroenterology is who studies the digestive tract

Carolyn  |  April 10, 2014
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By pb
August 19, 2013
pb wrote
peptobismol and hearing changes
Can I mix zegerid and pepto bismol
March 5, 2014
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By Wayne
August 1, 2013
Wayne wrote
Bentyl VS Pepto
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...anyone know if there are any issues with taking pepto with metformin. I starting (AGAIN) on taking Metformin and I really want to stick with it so...
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