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Metallic Taste

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(Taste metallic)
Parageusia is the medical term for a bad taste in the mouth. One common form of parageusia is a metallic taste of food. This can be a ...
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46,571 conversations around the web about Metallic Taste to help you make a decision
46,571 conversations around the web about Metallic Taste to help you make a decision
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Metallic Taste & Stapedectomy

We found 15 discussions
" Post stapedectomy I had stapedectomy on 2/25/09. I can hear ...20 yrs. I still have metallic taste in mouth. Hoping that will... "

" Stapedectomy Questions I am post-op and taste buds get back to normal. I have a metalic taste on the side of surgery. Its kind of a... "

" 2 days after laser stapedectomy and I feel fine. I did not experience any nausea or dizzyness post surgery but I do have that metallic taste sensation people have spoken of.... "

" ...Sunday. I had my stapedectomy yesterday with no complications today. I felt some pain yesterday but this ...nor nauseau.I do have a very slight metallic taste but this has not... "

" ...and I just had a stapedectomy done on my right ear ...have that. I still feeling dizzy when I turn my ...side or back. I have the metallic taste and sometimes taste a bitter... "

" Hi, Had my stapedectomy yesterday Nov 4th 2009 and ...the operation. I now have only a metallic taste in my mouth, and am unable to recognise ...I didn't ask, as I was still groggy at the time, ... "

" ...Female. I had My stapedectomy on May 27th. My ...was told by my Dr the dizziness would only last ...slightly numb and i get this terrible metallic taste in my mouth. I understand that this ma... "

" ...any kind. I was diagnosed with otosclerosis about three years ago. A stapedectomy has been recommended. I have ...side effects include a persistent metallic taste and sometimes even a complete... "

" All I can say is that I had a stapedectomy in April 2004 and at first, I had all ...few, if any side effects. As far as any metallic taste in my mouth, I have none and never experiences any. Hope... "

" ...paths and sometimes they get depressed during surgery ...result metallic taste in the mouth, can be sensations of water gushing, ...No! expert in otology and stapedectomy, he teaches via video l... "

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