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Metallic Taste

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(Taste metallic)
Parageusia is the medical term for a bad taste in the mouth. One common form of parageusia is a metallic taste of food. This can be a ...
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46,297 conversations around the web about Metallic Taste to help you make a decision
46,297 conversations around the web about Metallic Taste to help you make a decision
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Metallic Taste & Sore Throat

0.82% of the posts that mention Metallic Taste also mention Sore Throat (380 posts)
Metallic Taste
Sore Throat
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Sore Throat
We found 380 discussions
" ...metallic taste in mouth, excess saliva. Cure? I have had a metalic taste in my mouth and excess saliva , I have now started with a very sore throat . We ...thought the metalic taste and excess... "

" ...lately ive been having a metallic taste near the area. ...havent helped. and now i have been getting a sore throat too. can u suggest anything to stop this happening. ive been taking paracetamol... "

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" ...well, sore throat on and off and feeling as though it is inflamed and irritated, also got a funny metalic taste in my mouth that will not go away. Been to the doctors and they sent me to the chemi... "

" ...immediately after conception, i got a sore throat, a metallic taste in my mouth, sore boobs, queasy stomach, CRAZY... "

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" ...amoxicillin , clarithromycin and lansoprazole as i have heliobacter pylori and have experienced the following side effects sore throat , heart racing, metallic taste in my mouth ,thrush,... "

" ...remember exactly when my sore throat and metallic taste in my mouth went away after Nissan, but ...endoscopy revealed definite reduction in irritation/redness and no Barrett's. Endos performed ... "

" Numbness in tongue, metallic taste, sore throat, running nose, bulging ...Could be red tide? I m home is withs sore throat and runny nose . ...My temple lobes. Any diagnosis with the metallic ta... "

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" ...Four, I had the metallic taste that I got rid of with gumdrops, and a sore throat that lasted a few days, and mouth rinses helped with that, ...back again? (i.e., metallic taste, sore throat.) ... "

" ...throat all of a sudden... 3dpo So I'm 3dpo and have the worst sore throat all of ...these symptoms. I also have a metallic... "

" ...dun have metallic taste in my mouth but Pinkie has. Hahahaha..... Gosh, my sore throat is getting... "

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