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Metallic Taste

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(Taste metallic)
Parageusia is the medical term for a bad taste in the mouth. One common form of parageusia is a metallic taste of food. This can be a ...
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46,889 conversations around the web about Metallic Taste to help you make a decision
46,889 conversations around the web about Metallic Taste to help you make a decision
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Metallic Taste & Pineapple

We found 128 discussions
" ...headaches and metalic taste for the first few days of my quit. Mango and pineapple helped m... "

" ...suggestion as i too had the metallic taste in my mouth after my 5th chemo and i think the pineapple chunks definately helped me. Thi... "

" ...cutlery can help with the metallic taste of food when on chemo. Another member suggested fresh pineapple too and I understand tinned... "

" ...a favourite. Many people experience an unpleasant metallic taste in their mouths; sucking pineapple chunks, especially frozen ones, helps... "

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" ...remember the last few times I shroomed I ate pineapple and the metallic taste stuck in my mouth forever. I just associate it with... "

" ...any food allergies. Pineapple makes the sides of my tongue tingle and I get a metallic taste in my mouth but it's still ...toasted. I have a bad reaction to erythromycin.... "

" ...have been taking Tamoxifen since Sept 13. I don't get a metallic taste but my mouth gets very dry at times and my gums get sore. I find Oraldene mouthwash is very good and pineapple works well for... "

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" ...I had a metallic taste in my mouth on Halaven........lost all my hair & had neuropathy. I felt nauseous, ...was citrus. The best food......PINEAPPLE.......Pineapple has 'bromolain', which real... "

" ...just read ecym posting abt pineapple tarts being high in sugar. ...the taste of plain water now cos of the metallic taste in the mouth. Just concerned if I am taking... "

" ...that either. It's almost the same as the \"Gold & Silver\" without the trace pineapple taste. Has an ashy metallic taste - don't how better to describe - not pleasant at all. I... "

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