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Metallic Taste

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(Taste metallic)
Parageusia is the medical term for a bad taste in the mouth. One common form of parageusia is a metallic taste of food. This can be a ...
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46,441 conversations around the web about Metallic Taste to help you make a decision
46,441 conversations around the web about Metallic Taste to help you make a decision
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Metallic Taste & Acetone

We found 43 discussions
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" ...into ketosis gives a metallic taste in the mouth, some say it smells like acetone or pear drops. Any... "

" ...experiencing the \"keto flu\" with your stomach ache and headaches. It will ...get into keto soon enough. The \"acetone\" taste is usually defined as a metallic taste in your mouth. Not... "

" ...are exhaling a form of ketones acetone in a very dilute amount. ...too much protein can give off an amonia smell the metalic taste in the mouth some experience is another form of... "

" ...realised this afternoon that I've been getting metallic taste in my mouth, very unpleasant... Then the brain ...NAILS EARLIER AND HAD USED ACETONE TO WIPE THE PREVIOUS VARNISH... "

Post from
" ketones. Some people get skin irritation in the early days ...of ketosis you produce more acetone which is excreted in the ...and the breath (hence the metallic taste in the mouth and the... "

" ...taste, I read acetone you mean the metallic taste in your mouth ...probably be the acetone. Here's my original reply... Acetone is a by ...become beta-hydroxybutyrate or acetone. ... "

" ...anymore as you are now in Ketosis ( burning your own fat, releasing ketones (acetone) into your system. That's the awful metallic taste in your mouth and it is good. You are losing weight and hav... "

" ...using industrial grade acetone for making their ...reasons), but has heard reports of a strong metallic taste left after use. The same company that admitted using industrial acetone also admitte... "

" ...Id have a hard time sleeping, waking the metallic taste in my mouth and that acetone smell. But what the hey, its worth it. And thanks for the fiber advice, does that apply to ruffage like... "

Post from
" ...evidence at the start is acetone. As you get into proper ketosis you change over to ...tell when they are producing acetone as you get an odd, metallic taste in your mouth. I would... "

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