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Motion Sickness

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Motion sickness or kinetosis, also known as travel sickness, is a condition in which a disagreement exists between visuall...
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Common Motion Sickness treatments discussed around the web
Dramamine 4,165 Zofran 3,325 Bonine 2,241
105,408 conversations around the web about Motion Sickness to help you make a decision
105,408 conversations around the web about Motion Sickness to help you make a decision
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Menthol & Motion Sickness

We found 44 discussions
" ...bloke hates smoking, but he now! Last weekend I got some motion sickness from stupidly doing a sudoku ...the 901 full of menthol and it ... "

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" fine! I'm 10wks have horrible ms and ds has brought home ...unpleasant, I'm living off paracetamol, hot drinks and Jakemans menthol sweets. I have no idea if I can have... "

" ...on radiation#4 and I get nausea when I am leaving ...then I take ginger root (which is jsut a natural herb for motion sickness and nausea) and that seemed to help. I am... "

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" husband got me some scented nose plug things that are designed for travel sickness - I think it was the menthol in it that reduced my symptoms a bit. I was living in China at the time... "

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" ...natural herb used for many stomach upset problems and is fairly safe. I take 2 capsule if you wanted you could try 1 to start and see if it helps. or even try tea add some lemon or honey for flavor... "

" ...march. I would have this sudden motion sickness attack just by standing. Also, ...and I suddenly felt dizzy so I lied ...that, I felt this icy hot feeling in my head only. I was sweating, but... "

" ...(perscription). I think some people use an anti-anxiety med, as well such as xanax (Will also make you sleepy.) A natural herb that helps to settle the stomach is ginger root pills.... "

" ...the point of making me gag on top of MS) and just feeling miserable. My doc said I could take Robetussin (regular) and Tylenol Cold, plus some cough drops, but that was it. Honestly, I sucked on... "

" ...various purposes throughout history. The warming and relaxing menthol qualities of spearmint tea help relieve congestion and relax the esophagus. used to ease motion sickness and help ease... "

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" Wild yam is a natural herb form of progesterone. Jeanie Re: ...wrote: Yesterday, I got SO dizzy, I had to sit ...stoumach ( you know from motion sickness??). In the discussions... "

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