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Menstrual Period

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Common Menstrual Period treatments discussed around the web
Mirena 34,443 Provera 30,610 Metformin 18,455
2,270,850 conversations around the web about Menstrual Period to help you make a decision
2,270,850 conversations around the web about Menstrual Period to help you make a decision
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Menstrual Period & White Blood Cell Count

We found 382 discussions
" ...they can't find anything! White blood count is normal, so no going on! Took Provera last month & got a period! And took preggers test came back negative! Then got my period so I thought no... "

" ...for 6 days. This may sound silly but the relief I get when I have my period is overwhelming the 2 ...starts I get a cold. When I.enquire blood protein or white cells. Or it will.sho... "

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" ...blood to make sure my white blood cell count was normal, if it was ...gyno. Can you get kidney stones without having a ...I actually don't get my period, I have a Mirena, so that makes it ... "

" I have a low white blood cell count. What does this mean? Am ...I'm really worried I'm have a busy period at uni and had banked ...over Easter cause iv had so many painful flares lately. I... "

" ...ago, the pain started. I was on my period when it started and then when my period ended i had some spotting, wnich i never have. ...back okay. They said my white blood cell count was fine in whi... "

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" ...out all rapidly dividing blood cells ie: red cells, white cells and plateletts. the iv ig will help get him through his nadir period and can also be used... "

" ...through the change of life and months at a time having to have a period caused me to have abnormal white blood count. In fact I know that is the reason why my count has increased,... "

" ...5'6\") and hasn't had her period for 5 months. She ...had blood tests ran. Her white blood cell count was low (2.9), her ...normal. Additionally, they said her triglycerides were low. They ... "

" ...opinions on whether to give Neulasta automatically. The majority seem ...wait to see how the WBC count goes. Most people with or ...quicker, so you would have a shorter period of time that yo... "

" ...had a heightened white blood count in my urine ...for that. but I also have been spotting very very slightly. I was supposed to get my period last week. I feel period symptoms like breast tender... "

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