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Menstrual Period

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Ask a question
Common Menstrual Period treatments discussed around the web
Mirena 34,484 Provera 30,653 Metformin 18,463
2,274,766 conversations around the web about Menstrual Period to help you make a decision
2,274,766 conversations around the web about Menstrual Period to help you make a decision
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Menstrual Period & Rectal Pain

3.24% of the posts that mention Rectal Pain also mention Menstrual Period (184 posts)
Rectal Pain
Menstrual Period
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Rectal Pain
We found 184 discussions
" ...Congestion Syndrome. I am just so glad something was found to explain my pelvic/rectal pain during my period. I am now delighted to have found this forum too. I was told... "

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" ...week after my period, ive been ...something serious? Also on the second day of my period only, i have been getting rectal pain and i cant sit down sometimes.. what does this mean.. can i still ... "

" I am 4 weeks along and I've had rectal pain starting week 3. Comes and goes and it's a the begining of my period so I am used to ...weeks). I guess I'm having my period, hence the rectal p... "

Post from
" ...I usually have seriously heavy periods, that begin with a lot of eating , ...on the day before and the day of my period, i have serious rectal pain and constipation, and am never quite right unt... "

" ...the first time, but every month lately I have rectal pain only with my period. I also am nauseous throughout the month. IAM SCARED, but have decided ...think this is hemrroids. I am on my per... "

" During my recovery period, the only real pain I experienced was the rectal pain you mention. I remember it more as a pressure than actual pain, but it was definitely only there when I overdid... "

" ...rectal pain during my period I have been experiencing severe rectal pain during my periods for ...night. But since my last period it has been happening ...I'm dreading my next period which i... "

" I used to have rectal pain before I had the abdominal myomectomy. There were some adhesions on my rectum and my doctor removed ...It's awful and I remember having it even when I wasn't on my perio... "

" ...pain, rectal bleeding, no intercourse. Treatment? Hi, i am 24 year old female, i have missed my period for two months, i have been having chest pains and ...started having rectal bleeding since... "

" Cheryl, I have felt that knife-like rectal pain, but not after surgery. I had it every time I had a period. While in surgery the dr... "

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