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Menstrual Period

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Common Menstrual Period treatments discussed around the web
Mirena 34,443 Provera 30,610 Metformin 18,455
2,270,850 conversations around the web about Menstrual Period to help you make a decision
2,270,850 conversations around the web about Menstrual Period to help you make a decision
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Menstrual Period & Platelet Count

We found 198 discussions
" ...and have chronic I.T.P, after a long period of steroid treatment ( 5 months) 7.5 months ago, and also 10 months after childbirth , i have ...overactive thyroid . My platelet count has struggled ... "

" ...would make sense. When I had a bout of pneumonia I also had an additional period where I was diagnosed with a low platelet count. I couldn't do anything, I was so drained and my eyes were blood... "

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" ...however, she has had menstrual irregularity for the past ...this past month. She wonders whether she should try a different birth control pill to regulate her period. The patient has no .... "

" ...Or even period problems while having low platelet count. Is taking a contraception pill a good idea? I have already lost an ovary due to endometriosis (end ...dread my next period. I am... "

" ...More importantly is your platelet count in conjunction with your HH (Hematocrit/Hemoglobin) Are you still having... "

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" ...boat as you, expecting my first period within the next 2 weeks ...expect. do you mean 219,000 platelet count? If yes then that would... "

" ...My first week, my platelet count rose from 47 to ...week of steroid, I got my menstruation so my platelet count went from 57 to 32. ...maintained its count). After my menstruation, I got anem... "

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" ...I get my first heavy flow day. So ...what I call my period. Could it be that I am actually getting my period on the 21 day ...days before my period starts. I have ITP (low platelet count) ... "

" Done Dengue treatment with platelet transfer, have continuous flow. Will this affect the platelet count? Dear Doctor, I have just ...Platelate transfer. I had my period started last mondey and... "

" ...Hi My mom is of age 48 Her menstrual cycle was stopped long time ago when she was 23 ...she was suffering with severe body pains and low platelet count too 75 Fever is normal low grade fever its... "

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