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Menstrual Period

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Common Menstrual Period treatments discussed around the web
Mirena 34,443 Provera 30,610 Metformin 18,455
2,270,850 conversations around the web about Menstrual Period to help you make a decision
2,270,850 conversations around the web about Menstrual Period to help you make a decision
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Menstrual Period & Orthostatic Hypotension

0.81% of the posts that mention Orthostatic Hypotension also mention Menstrual Period (94 posts)
Orthostatic Hypotension
Menstrual Period
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Low blood pressure with onset of menstruation
On and off for the last 20 years I have had episodes of low blood pressure with the onset of my period. It can happen in varying degrees to feeling weak, pale and sleepy to an outright but very slow distressing faint till I fell asleep (unconscious?). It can happen when I am busy out and about or when I am relaxed at home. I know this is not from large blood loss as to lose enough blood to faint is not what is happening. I am not a doctor but I am sure it is to do with hormones, ?prostaglandins lower blood pressure ? ...
At first I thought it may have been low blood sugar and once I tested my sugars, they were lowish but not enough to be a factor. My blood pressure on the other hand was 70 systolic, 30 diastolic.
If hindsight I should have consulted a doctor to get it sorted years ago but didn't want to be on medication or hormones.
I have never been on the pill or any medication generally.
Today I am a little excited because I discovered something really simple that seems to work. It is the third time that I have avoided a low blood pressure episode happening simply by having some caffeine. Really excited that I won't get caught out being in public with a hypotension episode or have to write off a day as non productive because of having low blood pressure. No more :-). I am not a habitual coffee drinker so not sure it this would help in that case.
But not being used to a caffeine boost my body sure appreciated it when it needed it.
I have a bottle of coke in the car with me now and coffee at home for that reason .
Have since read caffeine boosts blood pressure, it's only taken me 20 years to solve my little mystery.
I recommend one sees their doctor if they have this occurring but make sure you tell them it is not due to heavy blood loss ( which is the standard answer on the internet) but something with hormonal imbalance....I'm not sure, would love to learn more:-).

" You're have symptomatic postural hypotension. This is reasonably common in young women, who tend ...contribute. Just coming off your period shouldn't in itself make any... "

" ...mineralcorticoid receptors. I already have severe orthostatic hypotension and he was not sure ...year back I had a brief period of a few weeks ...retaining fluid and my nips were swollen a... "

" highest when I'm having a long period of daily migraines. Is aspirin only when I feel a migraine coming on basically because ...bad. Do you know if orthostatic hypotension is part o... "

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" ...a low blood count which can happen if your menstrual period is heavy. I feel it could be this because happens when you get up. This is called postural hypotensio... "

" ...low blood sugar or orthostatic hypotension...when your blood pressure drops ...for a long period of time be ...and shift your weight...I wouldnt worry about preeclampsia with those symptoms..... "

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