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Menstrual Period

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Common Menstrual Period treatments discussed around the web
Mirena 34,453 Provera 30,637 Metformin 18,459
2,272,875 conversations around the web about Menstrual Period to help you make a decision
2,272,875 conversations around the web about Menstrual Period to help you make a decision
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Menstrual Period & OCD

0.47% of the posts that mention OCD also mention Menstrual Period (2,496 posts)
Menstrual Period
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We found 2,496 discussions
" ...was OUT OF CONTROL after giving birth. Now, it's bad during my period. I believe there ...postpartum (depression, anxiety, ocd symptoms) and they ...can tell my concerns from irrational obs... "

" ...period comes. I should say, in the lead-up to it. Once it arrives, I'm fine. This is why they prescribe Prozac (und... "

" ...periods and OCD? Is it possible that irregular periods are linked to OCD since hypothalmaus also controls some hormones related to menstruation? I have OCD and had always had... "

" ...I have/had PP OCD and GAD. You don't have to go on drugs if you don't want to. I did a combo of Luvox and ...control, Yaz, which helped a ton with the anxiety I was getting around my period. I... "

" Absolutely. I know precisely when my period is coming due to birth control, and sure enough, my OCD will start going insane ...In fact, my OCD has been generally out of control since I went... "

" ...OCD goes into over drive. Sometimes it is only before, sometimes after,but sometimes it is unpleasant the entire time. I am 44 years old now so maybe it is perimenopause, but I am on Birth Control ... "

" ...the time. I have struggled with OCD, but particularly in my post-drug period the little fixations have ramped up majorly. Sideline - you were prescribed Paxil for a panic attack, that in hindsight... "

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" ...caused by OCD. I am now two weeks late for my period, and fear that I might be pregnant. I'm terrified that if I am pregnant I may have already harmed an unborn child, but I still take the drug... "

" ...Sad really. And there is no real reason. I am tired and I have got my period which never helps and school will soon start up supposed to. I take zoloft for my ocd... How are you guys ri... "

" ...yes, many mental disorders women have become extremely heightened during the days just prior to your period as well as the days shortly after your period. Luckily, if you are seeking treatment, the... "

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