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Psychotic Episode

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Psychosis means abnormal condition of the mind, and is a generic psychiatry term for a mental state often described as involving a "l...
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Common Psychotic Episode treatments discussed around the web
Seroquel 245 Abilify 237 Risperdal 196
11,721 conversations around the web about Psychotic Episode to help you make a decision
11,721 conversations around the web about Psychotic Episode to help you make a decision
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Menopause & Psychotic Episode

We found 11 discussions
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" ...meds but I was presc. Seroquel for a major depression from a Psych doc and it caused me to have a Psychotic episode. I was hospitalized for 6 ...of anxiety because of menopause but that has been... "

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" I feel your pain Shae! When my mom first started going through menopause, that Christmas she had a MAJOR psychotic episode on Christmas!! It was awful, she was screaming at my, my sister and... "

" ...since young adulthood. My menopause , brought everything to a head, and I had a psychotic episode...I d believe ,that for... "

" ...was around 40 with my psychotic episode...Looking forward to not having that ...afraid of the side effects of menopause 80...Maria J.... "

" ...information for you. I had an acute and unexpected psychotic episode very soon after my baby ...and was warned that menopause could bring a relapse ...ER and Im still pre-menopausal, so lik... "

" believe I had my first psychotic episode at about 19/20. Of ...and was given Valium....typical reaction to ...problems began as I approached menopause....hormonal flux, triggered wi... "

" ...My family GP put me on Valium . I had ...Special Revelations It wasn't until menopause that I had a full blown breakdown and psychotic episode that endangered my life. Fami... "

" ...a year, feeling \"sick\"...I never realized ...Some personal issues and menopause , sent me into a psychotic episode, got a DX of BP I ...opinion, is since I am a Mixed episode type "

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" ...symptoms, yet my 1st psychotic episode and the 2nd one ...subject of schizophrenia or menopause, so I really didn't ...1st time until *after* full menopause, when the estrogen level *drops*.... "

" ...hormones? My wife had a psychotic episode this summer. I finally got ...She was switched to Zyprexa and she became tired ...psychosis have been caused by hormones/menopause? She still has not... "

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