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Positive ANA

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(Antinuclear antibody positive)
12,902 conversations around the web about Positive ANA to help you make a decision
12,902 conversations around the web about Positive ANA to help you make a decision
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Menopause & Positive ANA

We found 37 discussions
" ...Dr. said that I am not even going through pre-menopause. I do have a positive ANA level, but I do not have lupus nor any other auto-immune disorder. My daughter has... "

" ...the NSAIDS...Sorry slvricn. DUH! Must be the fibro, or menopause, OH hell it's just old age!!!!!!! I have a positive ANA too, but I also have Fibro too so who knows. Talk to you both... "

" ...before I started taking prednisone and before they discovered I have a positive ANA, etc. I used to ...due to peri-menopause and menopause related stuff but I experienced menopause almost 5 year... "

" ...left arm, i had a positive ANA 1:160 hemogenious pattern with high titers and went into menopause at 38 with symptoms related to the menopause or my other symptoms, ...i also have... "

" ...was normal!! I do have a underactive thyroid I have AUTOIUMMNE DISEASE ...I am going in the menopause I am 41 whats going problems...Mandy Also I have a positive ANA... have you ha... "

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" ...a misery. I've had several positive ANA--one was as high as ...transfused. I went through menopause at 37. I'm currently ...a great fellow. (BTW: my positive ANA was speckled pattern.) ... "

" ...for Lupus but I have a positive ANA at 1 in 400. the ...a parrot and already diagnosed with sjogrens and he can say ...not unusual in women! I am well past the menopause, it has paused...act... "

" ...57 and not yet through menopause and never thought my diagnosis ...I have read today that menopause could be a cause which ...since they told that I am ANA positive and have some kidney... "

" I was dx'd with Lupus but had a negative ...had it. I now have a positive ANA the last two blood tests ...medical notes they call it menopausal osteoporosis..*laughs*, because they dont' read... "

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" ...some of my symptoms could be related to being peri-menopausal but that does not explain a positive ANA. In reality, I don't know any more then before ...I was hoping I could blame it all on men... "

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