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Menopause + Parsley

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Ask a question
55 conversations around the web about Menopause + Parsley to help you make a decision
55 conversations around the web about Menopause + Parsley to help you make a decision
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Menopause & Parsley

We found 55 discussions
" im going to menupause, my cholesterol 400plus my BP anything, but im drinking parsley leaves juice & 3pcs garlic ...medicines which is herbal like parsley. thank... "

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" are too young for menopause. Dryness can come from medications or maybe you are ...aroused sometimes. I have had urinary problems in the past so ...I used to boil organic parsley and m... "

" ...follow up about my parsley question. I decided to go ahead and use parsley instead of cilantro. It ...up is bc parsley is a known continuing the parsley experiment. Something pre-menopa... "

" go through this is menopause Caffeine has been implicated in \"cystic\" breasts which can be painful. ...eating foods that are natural diuretics (parsley, celery, etc.), for the water... "

" worry as I having new back pain this morning and there ...I will pass on that. Parsley is high in iron and ...iron is not healthy after menopause. Your stone might be moving,... "

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" the tail end of menopause, I've been getting episodes of water retention, my ankles start to ...couple hand handfulls of fresh parsley into boiled water and let... "

" ...went out to get some parsley for dinner, and stood gaping body is headed to menopause. Be well all. Eat up, ...thing in the world. Feel better, UA. High pain days... "

" ...breakfast. Hoping that means my body is burning energy in my sleep ...that. TOM has gone, stupid menopause . Isn't it enough we ...attack today, B- egg and parsley omelet from yesterda... "

" for menopausal joint pains, is to drink parsley tea. a handful of parsley leaves is boiled in 2 woman ... "

" ...and parsley should help bring that milk down. I am in menopause and nursing my daughter still. (I am in menopause due to cancer treatment ...have sage or par... "

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