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Melasma (also known as "Chloasma faciei" or the mask of pregnancy when present in pregnancy) is a tan or dark skin discoloration...
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Common Melasma treatments discussed around the web
Hydroquinone 804 MSM 372 Tri Luma 223
9,710 conversations around the web about Melasma to help you make a decision
9,710 conversations around the web about Melasma to help you make a decision
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Melasma & Turmeric

We found 9 discussions
" ...for the turmeric tips. i'd definitely try link? though my melasma is dermal but still ...chemicals for my melasma coz im afraid of making it any worse. i thin... "

" ...gently exfoliate the melasma caused by monobenzone all over my body, especially my chest looks horrific. I have been taking MSM and Turmeric pills up to ...darker I'm thinking of trying Mequ... "

" ...type is oily. I am having melasma from last 5 years, ...except home treatments like turmeric lemon juice besan paste every alternate day. Melasma spots are very much ...I also have pimple... "

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" ...October 2009 I stopped using Hydroquinine. In January 2010., I woke up one day with melasma around my lower lip. It is very bad. I have been trying to keep it lighter by natural spf 30 sunscreen.... "

" ...especially about my stupid moustasche melasma! But I'm trying ...have you tried turmeric? I just spent two hrs on you tube on melasma Treatmemt and I ...water, lemon juice, turmeric and rose ... "

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" own face mask using turmeric powder, honey, lemon, goats milk ...good job of fading my melasma. Also, I find that when ...Addition of oil into the turmeric paste is meant to help... "

" face to avoid any melasma when she was pregnant with me and she said turmeric gave her such a beautiful... "

" may last for long time. For example pigmentation, Melasma etc hence it is generally not advised to do ...add a pinch of Kasturi turmeric or orange juice or honey.... "

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" Turmeric Helped Me Hello. I've been ...10 years later I developed melasma on my face, so was ...oil. Nothing helped. I then remembered reading somewhere about turmeric, so I thought I'd give ... "

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