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Treato results for Meclizine and Percocet

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Help people by sharing experiences you've had with Meclizine or Percocet - your story could impact others.
Treato My Voice
By Rhonda
July 11, 2014
Rhonda wrote
Percocet is Going to Kill!!!
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By Nancy N
April 4, 2014
Nancy N wrote
The Actavis a333 does not work!!!!
I have been taking watson 932 for 3 years and never had a single issue.

The 2 months ago...I was given Actavis 932. It worked just like wstoson 932.
The next month...I was given Actavis a333...it didn't work at all.

Its not the brand...its the FORMULATION.
I called Actavis and filed a complaint. They agreed but said they couldn't swap them for me...I hope they start supplying the 932 formula..a lot of people have been affected.
July 22, 2014
I agree- Actavis sucks! I bet they pat alott less to make it, pocketing the $ that should have gone into our meds!
July 11, 2014
I agree keep calling... However they have idiots returning calls.... I'm staying in them !
It's disgusting!!!
June 9, 2014
I suffered a very serious "sensitivity " as they called it ... I called the manufactor direct and they took the lot off the shelf at my pharmacy ... Throwing up, dizzy immediately after taking it.
I returned it immediately to my pharmacy!! Emailed the company!!! They tried to tell me different stories and were more concerned I believe that in was going to sue them! In fact I needed the proper medication subscribed and questioned their binders etc, my two nephews both pharmacists said it wasn't
June 9, 2014
I have not stopped emailing Actavis, spoken on the phone with the, copied and emailed our similar complaints to them - no coincidence soooo many people have the same complaints and symptoms from the Actavis percocet and we are all being left with very little choices until we keep complaining by phone/email and to the FDA - lawsuits can be started, class actions, etc If enough people do this it will provide enough DATA that they cannot ignore in time. So keep on Actavis, call the medical depar
Nancy N  |  May 28, 2014
I filed a complaint to the FDA and posted what is happening to other websites. I have noticed that a lot of people have been suffering terrible side effects from what some are now calling poison Percocet.
Most people were having great success with the Watson formulation, but from what I was told, Actavis bought out Watson and discontinued the Watson formulation.
The Atctavis A333's, and some other Oxycodone drugs, were reformulated with a drug deterrent added to it to stop the drug abusers fr
Tom  |  May 9, 2014
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By Alice
March 30, 2014
Alice wrote
Oxycodone Actavis
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By Lisa
March 12, 2014
Lisa wrote
Watson is now Actavis and it is very Bad!
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By Theria Williams
February 24, 2014
Theria Williams wrote
ACTAVIS 10/325 Acetaminophine TB
i used to take dhc then was put on meth witch made me ill i had to fight to put on dhc again iv been on actavis a week 450ml and my guts are killing me and iv had heart pains and feel blotted and still in pain im glad to here im not the only one getting a little scared il be asking at the chemist for a different brand because there more makers than activis or watson fight when u feel ur not getting the right treatment if i rem right cox was a good make im takeing 4 30 ml that should last 4 to
g clarke  |  July 13, 2014
I also was normally taking the Watson brand for about 3 months for a severe kidney problem and when I went to fill my script last month I got the brand activis. I took one pill and my heart started racing, I got pain in my chest and down my left arm and seriously thought I was having a heart attack. This drug needs to be taken off the market!!! Activis is going to kill someone with the fillers they put in this medication! I've also read post from people who have gotten medication poisoning from
Lisa  |  May 9, 2014
has anyone been able to find the watson percocet? I heard that CVS may carry it still don't know that for sure. These actavis are REALLY BAD. We have to get them recalled off the shelves. So many people are sick and so many have even had to go to the ER with heart attack like symptoms. It doesn't have any pain reliever in it - they just loaded it up with caffiene it is a sugar pill.
Diane  |  April 16, 2014
Has anyone been able to find a pharmacy that still has the Watsons percocets? Please let us know if you have. This actavis is poison.
Laura  |  April 10, 2014
I always used the watson generic percocet from Walgreen n they were the only ones that helped me. I just got my script filled a week ago and they gave me the actavis and I hate it. Whenever u change from one manufacturer to another, even if its the same med, ur body feels the difference! I looked on the watson pharmaceutical website and it says they were taken over by activist but still showed the watson pill on its site. I too need to find out if there is another pharmacy that receives th
jc  |  March 8, 2014
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By unclejerro
February 7, 2014
unclejerro wrote
Feelings after taking Percocet
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By tamika
December 21, 2013
tamika wrote
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By David G
December 12, 2013
David G wrote
taking meclizine on a cruise ship = positive effect.
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12 online discussions about Meclizine and Percocet found:

ya gotta change meds to c which one works...
...I would cry..I take percocets n I smoke ...on lyrica n nortiptyline..meclizine...my vertigo is most annoying now along with difficulty...sometimes ya gotta change meds to c which one works..much...
gave me wonderful nausea med called meclizine, its great...
...gab sessions help, we all need support with all this. My pharmacist gave me wonderful nausea med called meclizine, its great, its also non-prescription. He told me to get off the gravol as it is...
not have to worry about me becoming addicted to percocet....
...see if there were any suggestions. Will look for meclizine. I am sorry that others have this same reaction. ...does not have to worry about me becoming addicted to percocet....
And also took the meclizine for the dizziness that...
...to be able to move as well. Well the percocet help some with the headache and backache. And also took the meclizine for the dizziness that seem to help as well. Maybe my...
Jeeves Dr. prescribed Meclizine for his dizziness. Jeeves...
...the last 5 years for Percoset 10 mgs 4 times a ...about 1/2 hour. Jeeves Dr. prescribed Meclizine for his dizziness. Jeeves noticed that taking ...can take care of his pain and still get he...
DOES produce some sedative effects, it's not as potent...
meclizine DOES produce some sedative effects, it's not as potent as cyclizine or diphenhydramine ...i just like eating a couple Bonine with some percocet...
pill,Simvastatin,And I tried to...
...is hot,I take Plavix,Meclizine,lisinipril,Metopolol,1 prednisone,Soma,Percoset,sleeping pill,Simvastatin,And I tried to take Arthotec,That was when I started getting dizzy and face red,I had took...
doctor put me on Meclizine. Well I cannot take any type...
...My doctor put me on Meclizine. Well I cannot take any ...(since I couldn't take Vicodin, Percoset, etc..) but the test came ...wasn't that. I was given Meclizine and it cleared up. I...
five 5mg/325 percocets ( 25mg oxycodone), 4mg insuffulated...
...a CWE of five 5mg/325 percocets ( 25mg oxycodone), 4mg insuffulated ...that I'm going to IV with some hydroxyzine or meclizine as potentiators. Looking forward to mah last opiod rush...
taking the meclizine-phenergan-and eating a few crackers 30...
...another type, that taking the meclizine-phenergan-and eating a few crackers 30 ...I told them that percoset works best with me. ...that stupid oxy stuff! With percoset, I don't get nauseaus....
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