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(Cerebrovascular accident)
stroke, previously known medically as a cerebrovascular accident (CVA), is the rapidly developing loss of brain function(s...
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Common Stroke treatments discussed around the web
Aspirin 6,247 Coumadin 2,898 Warfarin 2,344
753,993 conversations around the web about Stroke to help you make a decision
753,993 conversations around the web about Stroke to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Stroke

Mean Platelet Volume & Stroke

We found 14 discussions
" labvalues_hematology. shtml and this is mpv MPV - Mean Platelet Volume Ref. Range 7.5 - 11.5 Measures the average volume ...risk of heart attacks and stroke. taken from... "

" ...Volume\". A high number indicates increased risk of heart attack or stroke. Not... "

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" Mean platelet volume is the size of the platelets . The higher ...High MPV can cause a person to be at a higher risk for strokes and heart attacks. Low MPV can cause a person to be at risk... "

" ...relevant pattern of increasing MPV (mean platelet volume) levels: 12-09: 10.1 [ref range: ...for a heart attack or stroke! Correlates with elevated HS-CRP. Anyone... "

" ...MPV, Mean Platelet Volume. Higher-than-normal MPV is... "

" ...concerned since I got some labs done yesterday. My Mean Platelet Volume cane back elevated and they flagged it as high increases your risk of stroke (which I'm at high risk... "

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" ...MPV may stand for. Possibly \"mean Platelet volume\" according to the website i ...increased risk of Heart attack and strokes. Any thoughts??? I'm only 22... "

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" ...Your mpv is a little high, this is your mean platelet volume which is the average size of your platelets. A ...risk of heart attack and stroke. This is something that you... "

" ...good including my glucose which was great news. BUT ...found: MPV - Mean Platelet Volume Ref. Range 7.5 ...of heart attacks and stroke. My dad's family has a high stroke rate ( ... "

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" MPV ? the mean platelet volume (MPV) is similar to the patients at risk for stroke and heart... "

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