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May Thurner Syndrome

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May-Thurner syndrome is a rare condition in which blood clots, called deep venous thrombosis (DVT), occur in the iliofemoral vein due ...
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465 conversations around the web about May Thurner Syndrome to help you make a decision
465 conversations around the web about May Thurner Syndrome to help you make a decision
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May Thurner Syndrome & Surgery

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" ...experience of having stents fitted due to May-Thurner syndrome.How was the pain after surgery? How long were ...and After surgery I had ...placed due to May Thurner Syndrome in Late August.I... "

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" ...surgeon discovered my May-Thurner Syndrome during my thrombolytic surgery to treat my iliac/femoral/vena cava DVT. My thrombolytic surgery was done through ...last day of surgery because the clo... "

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" ...found out that I have May-Thurner syndrome. There is a surgery that can fix the problem, ...more pain) and the surgery will no longer be menstrual cycle. Could I have overdosed on niaci... "

" ...found out that I have May-Thurner Syndrome (which I've heard called TOS ...overwhelmed. I'm also now more confused than ever about getting the TOS surgery. Being laid up on the... "

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" ...vein. Bad enough to have a stent in my iliac vein (May-Thurner Syndrome) and the twinges the stent gives me without suffering as you approach your surgery date. This bold move sounds... "

" Hey! I have May-Thurner Syndrome. I didn't know the name ...was asking around about it. I never had any surgery or anything. I was just put on Coumadin and that was the end of it...aside from... "

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" Hi i just got diyaned with may thurner syndrome I was wondering if surgery is. Is danrgrus or if it works I read... "

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" ...when considering cosmetic surgery. I went to ...the expertise with facial surgery. My lower lids are now worse than before surgery and I'm not confident ...provoked by the surgery. I was diag... "

" ...a few months! I had the same thing happening, the pain in my back, mostly ...I was told I have may thurner syndrome finally and have to have surgery. Probably not your case; its... "

" ...surgeon sent me to emergency surgery..actually three successive surgeries....that life-threatening clot ...about a week... Granted, I am a May-Thurner Syndrome person who will be a... "

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