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Massage + Histamine

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Ask a question
82 conversations around the web about Massage + Histamine to help you make a decision
82 conversations around the web about Massage + Histamine to help you make a decision
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Massage & Histamine

We found 82 discussions
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" ...a massage a couple weeks ...symptoms due to the histamine release. my doc at the ffc has me starting on the questran detox protocol due ...i had. she feels i'm very toxic and ... "

" I have found that systemic itching is due to poor ...bitter flavors all will help. Massage or yoga may also help flush whatever is causing the histamine/ immune response. Jodi's suggestions are... "

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" ...ballsack itchies. I rub and massage one part of my nutsack ...on my whole back. But histamine releases get old quick, imo. high without constantly scratching my itc... "

" ...Kellie Yes, unfortunately this is pretty normal with Copaxone. I find that some ...I'm having a nightmare! My histamine levels are up at the ...It really helps if you massage the area wit... "

" ...some people, vibration releases excess histamine, and this is what causes to even have a massage from my dh because after ...couple of minutes, I get super itchy, followed by redness,... "

" ...would try to lightly massage it to help loosen ...Also try taking a Benadryl. The Benadryl will get rid of any of the histamine effects that the body is producing (I.e. swelling, redness etc.). ... "

" ...believe i have high histamine levels, i should try ...thinks you don't need the histamine if your blood histidine levels ...i would still experience high histamine release though after stretc... "

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" ...the water to apply pressure... Massage it as well when its ...or your whole arm got swollen up really big (artery ...I don't think it's a histamine reaction. Those get a lot... "

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" ...massage i received made ...experienced a terrible histamine response (breaking up the mast cells on muscles releases histamine). over time i've ...the past. deep massage (ie. rolfing, ne... "

" ...used to have my hubby massage that area since that's where ...wouldn't think. Most of my head pressure is forehead now. The ...on and off. Lots of histamine problems with it too. Sta... "

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