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Male Pattern Baldness

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(Androgenetic alopecia)
Androgenic alopecia (also known as androgenetic alopecia or alopecia androgenetica) is the most common cause of baldne...
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Common Male Pattern Baldness treatments discussed around the web
Finasteride 2,931 Minoxidil 2,619 Propecia 2,559
30,532 conversations around the web about Male Pattern Baldness to help you make a decision
30,532 conversations around the web about Male Pattern Baldness to help you make a decision
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Male Pattern Baldness & Castor Oil

We found 32 discussions
" ...male pattern baldness myself(yes, I am ...will stick with the castor oil and see how t... "

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" androgenic alopecia treatment...? i'm 24 y/o female, diagnosed with androgenic alopecia. i'm not on any medication ...scalp massaging with olive or castor oil help? thanks ... "

" ...nice but when you are dealing with male pattern baldness castor oil and massages won't do squat. He'll either need to accept his balding (as my husband has) or use some prescription treatments... "

" the top is thinning as is the crown my hair is looking a total mess ... I have been battling this for over fifteen years and I have never heard of castor oil being used ....I woul suggest going... "

" ...a bottle of organic castor oil yesterday and am currently ...since chemo.I too have the male pattern baldness look with the ...sides and back. Watch this space... could good old fashioned cas... "

" too. My baby has a bit of MPB (male pattern baldness) going even though I've ...etc. will work for him. Castor oil rubbed on his shiney balding pale head would not... "

Post from
" ...said ringworm causes male pattern baldness. That is why ...and any observation, ringworm become pink from eating the B12 you ingest. So ...Christopher recommends using castor oil on head wrap... "

" ...I was 11, I have been told that I've been losing my hair since I was 13 if i started using rogaine and castor oil everynight before i go to ...too! so i doubt it's male pattern baldne... "

" ...and others) for male-pattern baldness (and actually female-pattern, ...Talk (they have a ton of stuff on male pattern baldness there). "

Post from
" ...up a bottle of castor oil. (in the drug store, ...and possibly subject to male pattern baldness, it is possible that ...treatment myself to counteract my own traction alopecia issues. It is... "

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