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Magnesium is a chemical element with the symbol Mg, atomic number 12, and common oxidation number +2. It is an alkaline earth m...
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Magnesium for Constipation
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Magnesium and Nerve Pain

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Magnesium is a supplement that reduced my muscle...
" well. Drugs like gabapentin,pregablin, and drugs in the tricyclic antidepressants class work better for nerve pain. Perhaps discuss these options with your Dr. Also look into exercise, pt,... "
ure in my honest opinion. Magnesium works even better for me...
" Neurontin, helped me more than any SSRI for worry. I had some side effects that got to be too bad, but I am having other medical problems to boot that may be the cause. It helped a lot for nerve... "

successor. Magnesium also helped me with nerve pain.I note...
" ...rough time. In relation to nerve pain, I take 1500mg neurontin/gabapentin daily. It's not ideal ...meant to be the successor. Magnesium also helped me with nerve pain. I note you're on LDN.... "
some extent for the nerve pain in my face, it has no effect...
" Yeah I'm taking a strong magnesium supplement, but while it helps to some extent for the nerve pain in my face, it has no effect on the pain that's being sent to me from the astral. The morphine... "
pplements? Magnesium has really helped my muscle problems an...
" Nerve pain really sucks. Anytime I think taking any supplements? Magnesium has really helped my muscle problems and pains ...similar boat. I started Cymbalta but its making my digits go numb and my... "
I could avoid a cortisone shot. The magnesium helps my...
" ...a better phrase- sorry). I started taking about 500mg of magnesium every day to help with the nerve pain in hopes that I could avoid a cortisone shot. The magnesium helps my foot remain pain ...lot... "
recently added magnesium (3 days now and feel great relief...
" I tryed lyrica and felt like a walking zombie. Also took neurotin and same thing happened. If anything it made my pain worse. I take tramadol for pain, elavil for sleep and soma for muscle spasms. I... "
king magnesium? It comes in a powder form and helps a lot wi...
" it all. I've had Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Pudendal Neuralgia for about 3 years now with physical Therapy twice and currently on medications (gabapentin, tinazadine, and xanax). It's ...Have you... "
he magnesium oil. and does that work for anyone else
" ...feet are in. I use clonazapam, which is related to valium. I take it only a few nights a month when it gets so bad I can't get to or stay asleep. I think its only 1mg, but sometimes I need... "
ay, freaky! & magnesium helps me with restless leg at nig...
" I have chronic neuropathic pain. Gabapentin worked for me and it did help more over time. Tramadol has helped when I had breakthrough pain but the gabapentin worked better daily. I've ...went away,... "

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