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Magnesium is a chemical element with the symbol Mg, atomic number 12, and common oxidation number +2. It is an alkaline earth m...
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Magnesium for Constipation
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What people say about Magnesium and Nasal Congestion ?

#242 in Magnesium discussions - 33 posts discuss Nasal Congestion with Magnesium.
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find that any cow's milk products lead to nasal congestion...
" absorb magnesium orally; magnesium \"oil\" on the skin may be a better choice (instead of or in addition to taking it orally.) I find that any cow's milk products lead to nasal congestion.... "
His work on magnesium is interesting too. The 2nd is Dr....
" ...been helpful to me: Eby's ColdCure Zinc Acetate Lozenges - 100% iZn value - an effective common cold treatment Neti Nasal Pots - The Original Ceramic Neti Pot for Nasal... "
magnesium, picamilon, GABA, tyrosi...
" I developed extreme anxiety after catching a weird respiratory virus, which included symptoms of heavy nasal congestion, chronic sore throat, and many unpleasant psychological effects. More info... "

it helps with my nasal congestion from allergies as well....
" ...need a prescription for the magnesium cream. MrsD mentioned it in her magnesium thread. (Thanks, mrsD!). Kirkman's is ...perfect the recipe as mine came out runny. I still used it ...Plus, it helps with... "
otally agree that magnesium helps with the headaches and bo...
" Ditto on the headaches and nasal congestion! For nasal congestion and sinus pain, I absolutely allowing the body to absorb magnesium through the skin so I totally agree that magnesium helps... "
e skin into our body which is a good thing. It also helps t...
" ...bath water Epsom Salts contain magnesium and this goes through the skin into our body which is a good thing.  It also helps to relax tense muscles.  Epsom ...used long term can worsen nasal... "
y have nasal congestion and scratchy throat. Thanks a...
" the hosp or on magnesium- I have heard horror stories ...take that is safe- Sudafed is not cutting it and I hate taking meds when pregnant. I mostly have nasal congestion and scratchy throat. Thanks... "
have similar reactions (immediate nasal congestion, reflux,...
", but unfortunately I have similar reactions (immediate nasal congestion, reflux, intestinal issues, rashes). I ...badly right now. I'm having really bad leg cramps and eye twitches which ...try to eat... "
magnesium, Zinc Nasal congestion - netti pot, or st...
" Throat - gargle liquid Vit C and zinc, spit out to avoid causing D Whole of body - increase Vit D, like 10,000 - 20,000 iu per day to reduce inflammation and help body fight inflammation -... "
ese alergies is nasal congestion and thet is when Afrin co...
" ...twitching is not related to Afrin usage. I do have few ...because of these alergies is nasal congestion and thet is when Afrin ask my Nuro about Magnesium opefully it will help me... "

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