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Magnesium is taken for: Constipation Migraines* Hypomagnesemia


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Method of use: Pill
*Off Label
Category: Dietary supplement
Magnesium is a chemical element with the symbol Mg, atomic number 12, and common oxidation number +2. It is an alkaline earth m...
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Magnesium for Constipation
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Based on medical discussions around the web

What people say about Magnesium and Hypoglycemia ?

#19 in Magnesium discussions - 948 posts discuss Hypoglycemia with Magnesium.
We found 948 discussions
" Georgette, are you taking magnesium? How are your potassium levels? Other minerals? Water intake? My hypoglycemia disappeared when I went Primal and it seems strange to me that your... "

" ...\"hypos\" I've experienced with IGF-1 aren't near to insulin (humalog) hypos.... it's more similar to ...keep you pumped. About magnesium, I've to add that it works pretty well as GD... "

" ...from my experience with Paxil if I were ...previous dose then taper off Paxil slowly over a ...regularly because anxiety symptoms can be caused by low blood sugar. Take magnesium and omega 3 ... "

" I don't know about magnesium tests. I don't think it'd hurt to take magnesium. Hypos tend to not use it ...adding it. My husband has a bad reaction to magnesium, which is really strange and... "

" I thought I was hypoglycemic for years, I slept poorly and if I woke during ...went away when I starting eating primal and taking magnesium before bed. I eat animal protein at every meal... "

" I find magnesium to be helpful, along with b12. One thing I've noticed late is that I'm normally hypoglycemic, but lately my sugar has run high... Interesting? I know when my sugar... "

" ...Oil? I've been applying four sprays of Swanson's Magnesium Oil to my legs after showering, and I have been getting the symptoms of lightheadedness, extreme difficulty concentrating,... "

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" ...magnesium to keep my muscles healing faster and to prevent muscle spasms and muscle twitches. Magnesium also helps for hot feet ...When I suffer from hypoglycemia/shakiness/weakness I take... "

" ...I'm hypoglycemic and I had forgotten hole of carbs. I believe LCing is the ONLY way to control hypoglycemia. I think induction is ...also needs to take some potassium and magnesi... "

" ...mine. I'm hypoglycemic along with ...other things. I have always eaten a lot of protein to control the hypoglycemia and taken of magnesium a day. As a secondary result, it helped the... "

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