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Magnesium is a chemical element with the symbol Mg, atomic number 12, and common oxidation number +2. It is an alkaline earth m...
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Magnesium for Constipation
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What people say about Magnesium and Dysphasia?

#534 in Magnesium discussions - 5 posts discuss Dysphasia with Magnesium.
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definatley try with the magnesium though - anyt...
" I have something called dysphasia (i think thats it or that), throw up, get tunnel vision, diziness and numbness and ...which is quite scarey. Will definatley try with the magnesium though -... "
called it Dysphasia (not Dysphagia). I also have...
" ...hoarseness. The Neurologist called it Dysphasia (not Dysphagia). I also have ...thing! And Yeah I've had the stutter thing at times too ...just a diagnosis . The Magnesium doesnt seem to be helping... "
ow taking Magnesium to try & help ALL body muscles & CNS....
" ...for ages now...but I have beyond voice actually sounds demented ...all that have this constant dysphasia. Yeah I too feel I ...Did ANYTHING help??? I am now taking Magnesium to try & help... "
e limited form, dysphasia. It can be a sign of ADD, as one...
" ...or it's more limited form, dysphasia. It can be a sign ...for its membrand fluidity effects. Magnesium and or taurine might prove useful. Playing hardball might include methylphenidate, or one of the... "
out there though (Magnesium, Fish Oil, Vit C, Total...
" ...other supplement out there though (Magnesium, Fish Oil, Vit C, Total ...are DEFINITELY helping (especially the Magnesium) & not causing any additional ...Acupuncture will help with the Dysphasia at... "

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