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Maca Preparation + Wild Yam

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Ask a question
390 conversations around the web about Maca Preparation + Wild Yam to help you make a decision
390 conversations around the web about Maca Preparation + Wild Yam to help you make a decision
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Maca Preparation & Wild Yam

We found 391 discussions
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" i am taking maca root. i am not taking also taking vitex and wild yam and using wild yam cream. I am interested in ...luck. I just started the maca this... "

" Herb Question- Dong Quai, Maca Root.... I am taking Dong Quai, Maca Root, Mexican Wild Yam, Saw Palmetto and Fenugreek. Is... "

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" Maca root. I had never heard of the maca root so I looked it of the hype over 'wild yam' creams. Wild yam contains diostagene which is a ...a lab. Guatamalans swear by wild yam. Maybe try... "

" ...Wrote: [ - ]Wild yam is worthless. You might try maca. How about vite... "

" Quote: I take: Maca Raspberry leaf Wild Yam Prenatal Calcium Iron Bcomplex LLysine Baby Asprin (dr told ...the biggest one is the maca. Adding it made all ... "

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" Yeah Maca gave me an allergic reaction.... ...I would suggest the reaction is probably from the wild yam.... from what i undestand, its very similar to Maca.. side note: what is crab... "

" ..., 147 lbs, and currently taking two caps of fenugreek, sp, red clover, maca, and wild yam 3 times a day for pm, sp, fenugreek, fennel, and wild y... "

" ...try though ive tried fenugreek,maca,dong quoi,wild yam.. doing blessed thistle right... "

" ...a few days taking maca & my butt is ...I also been taking mexican wild yam & rose hip... "

" ...and is often paired with wild yam, so look for that combo. Maca root helps regulate things as... "

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