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(MRSA Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection)
(MRSA) is a bacteria responsible for several difficult-to-treat infections in humans. It is also called multidrug-resistant ''S...
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Common MRSA treatments discussed around the web
Bactrim 2,459 Vancomycin 2,434 Zyvox 1,051
98,057 conversations around the web about MRSA to help you make a decision
98,057 conversations around the web about MRSA to help you make a decision
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MRSA & Rice

We found 99 discussions
" ...atmosphere. It'll rebound after we are gone from AIDS, Ebola, Measles or MRSA, whatever the scare of the ...virus/infection? Kills all the wheat, rice, corn? There goes the CAFOs... "

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" ...wanted to start the turmeric treatment mentioned in the MRSA thread so my easing into it i made yellow rice with turmeric last night. made my tongue numb!! i never ...thing in the rice ... "

" I ride rice so fuck half of you I like bikes that actually run I woulda ...never walks again and his wife and mother that are crying for \"justice\" get fucking MRSA of the lungs in the... "

" i was colonized with MRSA as a result of 2 years of working in eating i am still concentrating on cream of rice and ensure. i am just too scared to deviate.... "

" ...what to go with. My sister has been diagnosed with Lyme MRSA hepatitis c in the past 2 years. She can control it to a certain extent eat 30 g white rice with my liver or shellfish... "

" Of coarse, when I first saw it, I freaked that it was MRSA. DD told me to chill and pill. Think I'll make some rice today to go with whatever... "

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" ...lost it about 6 years ago in an RTA, and got both MRSA and pseudomonas infections. I had IV Vancomycin and wait for it...rice vinegar poured into my open... "

" animals get sick a lot... indeed we ...animals. Essentially four of each: Wheat, Soy, Corn and Rice.... Cow, Chicken, Pig, Fish. (and fish are in serious extremely virulent strain of MRS... "

" ...are going to wonder if @MRSA has turned into a violent warewolf................ Pfft, I've hated PS. Don't forget my rice pudding for dessert... "

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" ...My father-in-law has been in hospital for 6 weeks now, he has bone cancer, bed sores the size of rice cakes, and only now do we find out that he's been suffering from mrsa for the past 4 weeks.... "

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