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Post Polio Syndrome

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Ask a question
Post-polio syndrome (PPS, or post-poliomyelitis syndrome or post-polio sequelae) is a condition that affects approxi...
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1,697 conversations around the web about Post Polio Syndrome to help you make a decision
1,697 conversations around the web about Post Polio Syndrome to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Post Polio Syndrome

MRI & Post Polio Syndrome

We found 24 discussions
" ...xmrv baby! interesting article...(my mother-in-law contracted polio while working as ...- and developed post polio syndrome nearly 30 years later) also, ...seen on spects cans/MRI's...the v... "

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" maybe I just missed it. I was asking about my fear of taking vicodin, it does help. Oh how ...have had many MRI's, x-rays, shots in my spine, etc. I also have post-polio syndrome that causes ... "

" ...a script for Aricept. The doctor my DW was seeing to treat her Post-Polio Syndrome looked at the MRI and didn't think it was! Then my DW had a bad day, fever, confusion etc.... Took her... "

" the SAME symptom is classified in Post-Polio Syndrome: This is an ...of that literature including MRI and PET scan studies, MRI studies going ...Peterson's patients in that MRI stud... "

" and there. She was seeing a specialist who was treating her for Post-Polio Syndrome. Initially he was attributing her memory problems to the PPS ...and have an MRI done. I remember... "

" for nerve tests MRI and X rays and was convinced I had post polio syndrome (even though I felt ...The PT physician noticed tendonitis and sent me to Neuro #2 who put me on sinemet. It starte... "

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" ...I have had xrays, MRI 's-the works. Nothing shows ...difficult sleeping at night. I am also a breast cancer survivor. I have been ...Foundation that it could be Post Polio Syndrome, but I ... "

" ...and studying... I consider my MRI knowledge to be at the ...peripheral neuropathies is growing, have become a post-polio syndrome pseudo-expert.... but there are still... "

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" [QUOTE=Sue Pendleton] I took the MRI two weeks ago. It was nothing wrong with the ...showed exactly the same as if I had the post polio syndrome. And it showed for sure that I had a... "

" ...have spent on doctors, mri's, cats scans, you name ...time, I have the headaches, in the soft spot start looking for: Post Polio Syndrome Polyneuropathy Syndrome XMRV Viru... "

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