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MRI + Low Income

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215 conversations around the web about MRI + Low Income to help you make a decision
215 conversations around the web about MRI + Low Income to help you make a decision
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MRI & Low Income

We found 215 discussions
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" ...level today? I'm been feeling a little jumpy for some reason. Funneling ...medical fields or equipment in low income areas (MRI machines, etc) would just be... "

" ...county hospital for an MRI, don't have insurance. They have programs for low income citizens. Most of my pain is at the ...feels good afterward. Did you ever take steroid injections befor... "

" ...cost PET scan in Houston, TX? My dad has stage 4 liver cancer. He's had MRI, and CTs, but I would love for him to ...way to see Tumors but low income public health care doesn't provide... "

" ...doctors. This was after an MRI on my back and knee ...get Medicare? Some states have low income insurance plans. You need to ...they should have options for low income insurance... "

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" several emerency rooms being treated for severe eye pain associted with iritis cause since i went to low income clinic for help i was so upset because of the mri results i forgot ... "

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" I read that MRI's are to be administered to cut that cost before more low-income women die from this. I have two sisters that developed breast cancer exactly one year apart.... "

" Percentage of patients diagnosed with diabetes who received treatment within ...40% Canada 43% Number of MRI scanners (a prime diagnostic tool) ...of seniors (65 ), with low income, who say... "

" say that I am low income. I have not worked in aid me. I have already experienced a bleed, and calcification. I do ...had a few follow up MRI's, and no growth or bleeding... "

" ...two more. I now have spondylolisthesis on my lumbar from having me do another MRI in the next few weeks. ...go through Hill Burton for low income people for my health care.... "

" ...Hi: I am have Osteoarthritis on my knee and ...for a good Dr. for low income, I have not been working ...acupunture. It did not help. I just had an MRI report. My Dr. never returned my ca... "

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