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(Mean Corpuscular Volume result)
4,527 conversations around the web about MCV to help you make a decision
4,527 conversations around the web about MCV to help you make a decision
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MCV & Thalassemia Minor

4.66% of the posts that mention Thalassemia Minor also mention MCV (62 posts)
Thalassemia Minor
We found 62 discussions
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" ...a Hgb= 10.8, Hct= 33, MCV= 70, RBC= 6.1x1000/ microlit. What's ...Iron def. Anemia C- Alpha thalassemia major D- Beta thalassemia minor E- Anemia of chronic dis. can u plz explain... "

" To know a person has thalassemia minor or not, through the HGB is not enough. To ...if a person has a low MCV and MCH, but not low ...can be sure he has thalassemia minor. What about your son MC... "

" Alpha thalassemia minor and carrier states cannot be determined by hemoglobin levels, as they will both ...-8%. HbF is 1-5% in about 50% of minors. MCV will be in the 50-70 range. Minima is a... "

" ...lab result, please comment if i had chance of thalassemia minor or as a carrier. Haemoglobin 15.3 (11.5-16.5) PCV 48 (35-47) RBC 5.49 (4-5.5) MCV 87.9 (80-97) MCH 27.9 (27-32)... "

" ...The other form of thalassemia - Minor (which sometimes shows no ...Red Blood Cell size smaller (MCV value) and the person is not Iron deficient, further testing (Hemoglobin Electrophoresis... "

" ...3.1) Hgb F - 0.0 Hgb Variant - 0.0 MCV 61 (80 - 98) MCH 19.6 (27 - 34) ...50) Interpretation: Hemoglobin pattern and concentrations are consistent with beta-thalassemia mino... "

" 4. Age and diagnosis of patient - 35, thalassemia minor 5. Average hb before carao was begun on October 4: - HB is 10.9 - MCV 62 - WBCs count 3.200 - platlets 365,000 6.... "

" ...result indicates thalassemia minor. RBC increases, the normal HGB in lower limit, MCV and MCH are low. That's all normal for patients with thalassemia minor. But, there ...with thalassemia minor... "

" ...the cause is not from thalassemia minor. Before I had a frustrating ...results is normal, except for MCV and MCH were low indeed. ...likely cause my symptoms not thalassemia minor. Unless my ... "

" ...the doctor said did indicate thalassemia minor. He wants me to come ...some sights. I noticed that my MCV seems to be lower ...with issues this year--or does the mcv measurement tend to var... "

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