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Lymphoma is a cancer in the lymphatic cells of the immune system. Typically, lymphomas present as a solid tumor of lymphoid cells. T...
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Common Lymphoma treatments discussed around the web
Rituxan 2,623 Prednisone 1,426 Methotrexate 1,016
104,955 conversations around the web about Lymphoma to help you make a decision
104,955 conversations around the web about Lymphoma to help you make a decision
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Lymphoma & Swollen Feet

0.06% of the posts that mention Swollen Feet also mention Lymphoma (25 posts)
Swollen Feet
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Swollen Feet
We found 25 discussions
" ...has been diagnosed tcell lymphoma stage 4 no particular ...well, no problems and his swollen foot ankle, node is neck and groin have either gone or have reduced hoping... "

" Swelling of feet, ankles and lower legs Hi, ...diagnosed June of '05 with Lymphoma...I have had chemo therapy for ...I have CS. WOW! I am experiencing swelling of feet, ankles and lower l... "

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" swollen foot. clavical lump, pains in stomach ...doctors last week with inflamed swollen foot at the side mo inflamed his clavical.he has had lymphoma 5 years ago , and i... "

" ...recommend you go see that doctor first. I had a swollen foot that three different oral antibiotics didn't heal, and I ...antibiotics thereafter. If it is lymphoma, a few extra weeks waiting... "

" ...radiation pedal edema My husband was diagnosed ...scan was suspicious for Follicular lymphoma. The biopsies were inconclusive as ...symptoms. Now, though, he has developed pedal edema, no p... "

" ...and not mobile. I have also been having some foot edema and thickened skin on ...though) Could this be lymphoma related or should I ...ever growing number of lymphoma symptoms (swollen ... "

" ...marathon with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.? During our kickoff, the ...up to?10 miles.??Then I?started having major knee pain.? ?I went back and ...-?could?the pain be?due to your feet ... "

" ...two days, my legs and feet swelled up so that ...up. I have enormous pain in my legs, sometimes in my groin. The Rituxan I finished 2/17 might still be working, but the lymphoma is working a... "

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" ...a year-long fight with Lymphoma I'm cancer free but have swelling in my feet, ankles and lower legs of yourself. My daughter has lymphedema also and she takes to feel better. S... "

" ...looked like for all of us. And he has lymphoma (the bad stuff) He's on the ground trying to et my swollen feet in my shoes--he's lauhing so hard so I had... "

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